Virsec Wins CyberSecured 2020 Enterprise Security Award

Virsec recognized with CyberSecured 2020 Enterprise Security Award.


San Jose, CA, December 18, 2020Virsec, the industry leader in application-aware workload protection, has been recognized with CyberSecured 2020 Enterprise Security Award for the Virsec Security Platform (VSP).

Security Today, the leading industry media brand providing technology, education and solutions for security professionals, announced the winners of their inaugural 2020 CyberSecured Awards. The awards honor the outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services are considered particularly noteworthy in the transformation of cybersecurity.

“We have had the pleasure of wading into the cybersecurity world,” said Ralph C. Jensen, editor in chief of Security Today magazine. “We also have seen an explosion of new and much-needed technology. Because we appreciate showing new products that will make a difference, we felt a product contest was in order. Some of the most amazing technologies have been part of this effort to brag about cybersecurity platforms, and we’re proud to be part of that.”

The Virsec Security Platform is the first and only application-aware workload protection platform that incorporates System Integrity Assurance, Application Control and Memory Protection into a single solution. Virsec delivers in-depth visibility across the entire workload in any environment and blocks known and unknown threats that are undetected by heuristic and endpoint security solutions.

Virsec’s patented technology maps the legitimate execution of all applications, file libraries, operating systems, processes, and memory. Virsec instantly spots any deviations during runtime, which are positive signs of attack. The Virsec solution detects and stops advanced and evasive fileless and zero-day techniques, including buffer overflow attacks, stack smashing, DLL injections, return-oriented programming (ROP) and ROP gadgets, side channel attacks and corruption of configuration data.

“The workloads are the new attack surface,” explains Dave Furneaux, CEO of Virsec. “You see these attacks all around us, and it’s imperative we fundamentally change the way we think about securing our businesses and infrastructure. Conventional security tools and blacklisting models are no longer effective protection for these critical workloads. Virsec is unique in protecting any application workload, in any environment with unprecedented accuracy.”

The Virsec solution takes a deterministic, whitelisting approach to security and blocks advanced memory-based attacks, unknown threats, fileless malware, ransomware, and more with surgical precision. Virsec’s superior workload protection has made it a valued strategic partner to organizations such as Raytheon, Cisco, AVEVA, Broadcom, Schneider Electric and GHD.

About Virsec

Based in San Jose, California, Virsec is the leading provider of application-aware workload protection. Virsec’s unique technology defends against the widest range of attacks, both known and unknown, with no signature or prior knowledge required. The solution secures any and all critical business applications, from legacy to COTS to custom, in any environment. Virsec is led by industry veterans with extensive leadership experience at multiple leading cybersecurity and technology companies and a long list of high-growth startups. More information is available at