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Protection that Safeguards Higher Education

Higher education has always been about transforming and adapting to new community demands and modernizing how institutions operate. However, as these institutions evolve, more sophisticated cybersecurity challenges come to light, and higher education institutions need a way to combat them.

With ransomware on the rise, the education sector is reactive, but institutions need a way to protect and secure their campus workloads in the cloud.

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Virsec Zero Trust Workload Protection

Virsec creates a comprehensive trust-benchmark for every application and instantly stops any unexpected activity, creating a true zero trust solution for workloads.

Virsec Enables

Application Control and Reputation Analysis

File System Monitoring and Protection

Runtime and Memory Protection

Web and API Protection

Why Zero Trust for Education Workloads?

Servers and the applications that run on them have become a choice target for attackers looking to compromise the education sector, and most solutions can only stop what they’ve already seen. Adopting a zero trust application workload protection model ensures that no rogue code ever executes, stopping zero-day attacks, eliminating attacker dwell time, and quieting security alarms.
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Securely Deliver Remote Learning for Your Institution

Virsec Education Better protection
Virsec Education Secure all
Virsec Education Continual Compliance@2x
Virsec Education Enforce Zero Trust
Better protection
Prevent attacks before they happen, with no latency or dwell time.
Secure all (even legacy) applications
Protect legacy systems and secure applications in any environment – cloud, container, on-prem or hybrid.
Continual Compliance
Virsec makes it simple with features and functions that fulfill FBI, IRS, HIPAA, OCSE, FSSA and NIST cybersecurity framework mandates.
Enforce Zero Trust
Implement Zero Trust at the server level to protect critical data and applications. 

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