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Virsec Solutions

Protect Vulnerable Legacy Workloads

Legacy Workloads Do Not Need to Pose Risk

Embracing digital transformation while retaining legacy systems doesn’t have to come at a cost or pose a significant risk to an organization. Virsec extends a zero trust approach to protecting legacy and unsupported workloads as effectively as modern platforms — economically and for good.


Secure Legacy Workloads and Applications Instantly

Legacy systems, like Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012;  Red Hat Enterprise Linux; CentOS 6.5, 6.7, 6.10; or SUSE 12 no longer need to be left behind. 
True zero trust workload protection capabilities continuously address known and unknown vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux-based software, even those that are no longer supported and left unpatched. Now, IT is no longer left to find individuals with enough expertise to develop custom fixes to address troublesome vulnerabilities in technologies that have been replaced or put to rest by vendors. Virsec Security Platform (VSP) provides protection that makes age inconsequential without tuning, prior knowledge, or access to code.

VSP minimizes risk even when you:

  • Are unable to conduct vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses & what needs fixing.
  • Are unable to remove any unused applications and services.
  • Cannot create rules and policies to help securely govern your systems.
  • Cannot update your operating systems.
  • Are unable to ensure your antivirus solution is up to date where support is still offered.
  • Cannot maintain layer 5 and 7 network-level attack defenses, including host-based intrusion prevention software policies and application firewall.
Virsec Gaurav Sood Headshot

— Gaurav Sood Associate Director, Corporate Security, Cognizant

"We were looking to secure our legacy environments and had the option to leverage multiple tools across the stack, resulting in complex architecture and deployment model. Above all we wanted to avoid any performance impact on user facing applications i.e. compromising user experience for security. Virsec's value proposition of delivering deterministic protection across host, memory, and application runtime as a package deal was exciting for us to evaluate while driving simplicity and performance. Above all, Virsec provided capabilities that worked out-of-box without requiring much configuration and tuning keeping the TCO lower."

Virsec Capabilities

Reduce Noise

Other solutions that rely on analysis generate so many false positive alerts that it overwhelms teams. With a positive security model and automated allow listing, you can protect legacy systems AND avoid all the alert fatigue.

Reduce Risk

Legacy applications and workloads present an open and highly vulnerable attack surface to cyber criminals. Install continuous protection for host operating systems and applications with Virsec mitigating security controls to protect legacy environments.

Reduce Cost

There are few alternatives to reducing cyber risk from legacy workloads:
(1) pay large amounts for Extended Security Updates (ESUs) and one-off security patches,
(2) do nothing or
(3) explore Virsec's mitigating controls. Option 3 delivers the highest level of protection at the most affordable investment level.
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