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Panic Patching

Make the “Tuesday Fire Drill” a Thing of the Past

Don’t be at the mercy of vendors and developers to protect your application workloads from zero-day attacks. Patches and software updates only fix what’s known. In the meantime, your workloads are vulnerable to novel attacks or sophisticated zero days. What if even your unpatched or legacy systems could self-defend against any attempted attack — in milliseconds?

Take Control of Software and Server Updates

Virsec’s Security Platform (VSP) approach to security protects software — even in between patching cycles. VSP protects workloads while it is running, wherever it is running, regardless of the system’s patch status. Apply Virsec as a mitigating security control to secure host and application workloads until a patch can be applied.

Implement True Zero-Trust Application Security


Zero Dwell-Time

Protection, not detection then response

Virsec's deny-all approach protects Host and application workloads from any deviations or malicious threats to authorized files, processes, scripts or libraries enforced at runtime.


Virsec Capabilities

Server Hardening

With automated allow listing and granular application control policies, server workloads are protected from external attempts to inject malicious code or hijack processes or files until the patch can be deployed.

Automatically Contain the Vulnerability

Stop lateral move through cross-site scripting (stored XSS) to prevent infiltration and weaponization.

Patch on Your Terms

Avoid panic patching due to a critical security incident knowing only authorized applications, dependencies and bills of materials of processes and files will be enforced at runtime. Patch once analysis, testing and deployment plans are fully vetted.

Application Visibility

With auto-discovery of applications IT and Security organizations now have insights into which applications are running on server workloads for risk assessment and prioritization.

VSP vs. Other Solutions

You don’t need more tools to protect against ransomware.
With Virsec, stop ransomware in milliseconds and achieve effective and efficient protection through a simplified security stack.
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Full Support
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Partial Support
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No Support

Executable Reputation


Malware & Ransomware


File Integrity Assurance

Application Control


Web Application


Memory Exploit


Legacy workloads which

are un-patchable

Buffer Overflow Protection

Automated Zero Dwell

Time Protection



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— James M., Raytheon

"It is becoming increasingly clear that servers are the most vulnerable to cyberattack. Virsec's deterministic protection platform fully secures workloads, and the leading agencies in the US Government and its allies have also turned to Virsec for this full protection."

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Reducing Panic Patching by Applying Zero Trust Protection to Workloads

Watch this webinar replay to learn what you can do to successfully protect your application workloads (including legacy and unsupported) and reduce panic patching, even with the volume and velocity of security patches you face. 

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Mitigate Panic Patching

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