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Virsec Security Platform (VSP)

Deny-All (Positive Security), Allow-Based-on-Trust (Trust Intelligence)

Automated Continuous Protection for Your Critical Applications and Workloads

The Virsec Security Platform (VSP) provides runtime defense that prevents cyber-attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in modern and legacy application workloads, including zero-day malware, ransomware, and data breaches.


With the Virsec Security Platform (VSP):

Harden Your Modern and Legacy Systems

Continuous Workload & Application Protection

Prevent zero and one-days, ransomware, malware and data breaches with Trust Intelligence

Protection Against OWASP Top Ten Attacks

Stop web applications (cross-site scripting, SQL/MQL injection, etc.)

Security Compensating Controls

NIST, CISA, CIS, PCI-DSS, compliant controls for anti-malware, unpatched vulnerabilities, and out-of-support legacy Windows and Linux workloads

Experience Fast Time-to-Value

See ROI in Moments, not Months


Reduce Risk

Eliminate open attack surfaces, like unpatched vulnerabilities, to reduce the impact of zero-day cyber threats to applications and workloads and save costs from the impact of a breach.


Tools & Services Consolidation

Consolidate server-based security tools to reduce configuration, licensing, and alert fatigue. Avoid costly extended security updates (ESUs) on legacy Windows OS. 


Reduce Human Capital

Reduce the human capital required to analyze relentless vulnerability scans, and significantly reduce false positives.

Go Beyond Detection and Response

Detect and Respond
The Virsec Security Platform (VSP) achieves zero adversary dwell time, instantly preventing malicious code, scripts, or files from running on your workloads. 

The Virsec Approach

Zero Trust

Runtime Defense

True zero trust means trusting nothing. Virsec extends zero trust to application workloads by blocking known and unknown attacks before they can be exploited.
Virsec Security Platform (VSP) extends your defense-in-depth strategy to applications and workloads. VSP hardens modern and legacy workloads with security mitigating controls. VSP secures the provenance of trusted application dependencies and delivers runtime protection through Application Control and automated allowlisting.

Virsec is Different

Virsec Secures Workloads

Virsec works across your enterprise to prevent compromised applications from jeopardizing your operations. Prevent workloads from exposure by creating a buffer before patches are released.
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Virsec-Security Platform-Cloud-Icon@2x
Virsec-Security Platform-Air—GappedIcon@2x
Virsec-Security Platform-Commercial-Government-Icon@2x
Commercial/Government off the Shelf (COTS/GOTS)
Virsec-Security Platform-Container-Icon@2x
Java Applications
Virsec-Security Platform-Hybrid-Icon@2x
Web Applications


Virsec-Security Platform-Runtime-Icon@2x

Protects Application

Automatically protects vulnerable workloads, application components, file systems, processes, and memory at runtime.
Virsec-Security Platform-Stop Attacks-Icon@2x

Stops Attacks without Prior Knowledge

Patched or unpatched, known or unknown — Virsec uniquely detects attacks that bypass endpoint solutions that require signatures and tuning.
Virsec-Security Platform-Full Performance-Icon@2x

Does No Harm & Allows Full Performance

Read-only approach to application workload mapping does no harm to your workloads and can provide full protection without impacting performance.
Virsec-Security Platform-Adversary Dwell Time-Icon@2x

Reduces Dwell Time
to Zero

Stop an attacker’s actions instantly.
Virsec-Security Platform-Secures Environments-Icon@2x

Secures a Wide Range of Environments

On-premises, cloud, air-gapped, or a hybrid of all types.
Virsec-Security Platform-Automate and Simplify-Icon@2x

Automates & Simplifies

Maintain a positive security posture, so only authorized processes, libraries and dependencies are executed.

Map it. Stop it.

Virsec maps what workloads are allowed to do and instantly stops any unexpected activity, creating a true zero trust solution for workloads.

Virsec Capabilities

Enforce what can run

Executable Allow Listing
Virsec’s zero-trust golden-image of executables and their dependencies ensures that only trusted workloads are able to run.

Enforce how it can run

Application Control
Harden applications from the inside — monitoring runtime elements and leveraging strict application controls to prevent even a single unknown instruction from executing.

Enforce system Integrity

File System Monitoring and Protection
Identify any time trusted scripts are misused or tampered with — preventing lateral movement, privilege escalation, and keeping attackers from “living off the land”.

Protect Against Code Injection

Memory Exploit Protection
Automatically map and secure process memory to ensure apps only run as intended and no malicious code ever executes.

Protect Vulnerable Code

Buffer Overflow Protection
Ensures application control flow integrity by uniquely distinguishing trusted execution flow, control data, and user data from malicious events during runtime without dependencies on access to source code.

Protect Web Applications

OWASP Vulnerability Protection
Protect web applications and APIs from the inside for truly self-defending software that counters events that bypass firewall.

Securing Software at Runtime

Join Jim Routh, CISO veteran and industry expert, and Dave Furneaux, CEO of Virsec, as they discuss how Virsec's innovative approach to application security provides superior protection and true runtime protection.

— Jim Routh, CISO veteran, industry expert, and Virsec Chief Security Advisor
"Protecting the enterprise software supply chain has become more challenging in recent years and will continue to represent a significant challenge unless enterprises deploy protection wherever software runs. Virsec is an industry leader in offering advanced protection for any workload wherever it runs in real-time."

Better Outcomes with
Zero Trust Workload Protection

Virsec-Security Platform-Better Protection-Icon@2x

Better Protection

Virsec provides workload protection that counters attackers who have reached the server applications run on, with complete visibility and contextual awareness.

Virsec-Security Platform-Operational Savings-Icon@2x

Operational Savings

Virsec customers have experienced OPEX savings by as much as 70% and increased their time to focus on business innovation versus the rigors of monitoring suspicious events, hunting, and alert fatigue.

Virsec-Security Platform-Beyond Detection-Icon@2x

Go Beyond Detection and Response

Make traditional detection and response irrelevant by preventing rogue application workloads from creating damage in the first place — instantly and automatically.

Virsec-Security Platform-Full-Stsack Protection-Icon@2x

Full-Stack Protection

Virsec precisely detects attacks, without false alerts, that are difficult to identify using legacy security — regardless of threat granularity, duration, or locality.

Take Charge of Your Workload Security

With Virsec, you can run the future, instead of letting it run you. Request a demo and experience the difference that application security built with innovation in mind can make for your organization. 


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