PSIRT at Virsec

Security is a top priority for Virsec products and services in today’s rapidly evolving threat and vulnerability landscape. The Virsec PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team) is responsible for the Virsec product vulnerability management process, coordination of customer product security incidents, and reported security issues affecting Virsec products, solutions, and services.  

This is Virsec PSIRT 


Modern application networks are a complex part of our digital society's critical infrastructure. Unfortunately, completely secure libraries and applications rarely exist, and security must be considered from the initial steps of product development until the end of the product’s life cycle and even further in the life cycle management processes.  


Ensuring software security in the highly dynamic and ever-changing security landscape is a continuous and evolving process. PSIRT has a central role in this at Virsec. The Virsec PSIRT team plays a critical role in safeguarding the security and integrity of the Virsec Security Platform (VSP) by efficiently managing security vulnerabilities, responding to incidents, communicating with stakeholders, and continuously improving security practices. We strongly believe in the principles of responsible vulnerability disclosure towards all parties involved.  


PSIRT has two major operations: vulnerability management and incident response. It also works closely with the internal Security Reliability Model (SRM) processes, guaranteeing the seamless flow of product security-related information between the customer, support organization, and product development.  

Product Vulnerability Disclosures 


Virsec welcomes independent security researchers, vendors, customers, and other sources to responsibly report security vulnerabilities affecting the Virsec product portfolio.  


To see our product vulnerability disclosure policy, visit  the Virsec Product Vulnerability Disclosure Policy page.


To report an issue or a vulnerability, complete the Vulnerability Disclosure Form.


To view reported vulnerabilities, visit the Security Bulletins page.