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Protection that Safeguards the Technology Sector

The technology sector is constantly evolving and developing the latest and greatest in the tech industry. However, tech organizations often find themselves operating under legacy infrastructure that is underprotected and underprioritized.

Tech companies need to protect their intellectual property and systems against ransomware attacks that threaten the future of technology. Milliseconds matter, so security needs to keep up.

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Virsec Zero Trust Workload Protection

Virsec creates a comprehensive trust-benchmark for every application and instantly stops any unexpected activity, creating a true zero trust solution for workloads.

Virsec Enables

Application Control and Reputation Analysis

File System Monitoring and Protection

Runtime and Memory Protection

Web and API Protection

Why Zero Trust for Technology Workloads?

Servers and the applications that run on them have become a choice target for attackers looking to compromise high-tech enterprises, and most solutions can only stop what they’ve already seen. Adopting a zero trust application workload protection model ensures that no rogue code ever executes, stopping zero-day attacks, eliminating attacker dwell time, and quieting security alarms.
Virsec Industries –Zero Trust Technology

Workload Protection for Your Tech Needs

Virsec Technology True Zero Trust Workload Protection
Virsec Technology Continuous visibility
Virsec Technology Comprehensive performance
Virsec Technology Simplicity for everyone
True Zero Trust Workload Protection
The best and latest technologies to protect cloud workloads and containers against known and unknown malware.
Continuous visibility
Comprehensive visibility to enable proactive threat hunting.
Comprehensive performance
Secures workloads at speed, providing immediate protection and scalability.
Simplicity for everyone
Built in the cloud for the cloud. One platform secures all workloads, wherever they run, without added complexity.

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