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About Virsec

Protecting the World Against the Unknown

Workload Security
That Trusts Nothing
(Except What It Knows)

Software has changed business forever. As businesses have prioritized speed and performance, effective protection of critical applications and workloads has not kept pace.

The problem we see.
Organizations rely on outdated technologies dependent on pattern matching, malware repositories and after-the-fact analysis to stop known bad attacks and attempt-to-stop suspicious behaviors. Stopping unknown threats—like zero days—is virtually impossible. Until now, there wasn’t an easy-to-deploy workload protection solution that follows a zero trust methodology promising protection against unknowns.

We believe it's time to reimagine security for workloads and start protection by verifying first, then allowing.
While most security solutions for workloads trust unknown binaries, files, processes to run, Virsec developed the first-ever true zero trust application workload protection solution. Because if you can stop bad code from ever executing, you can eliminate known and unknown threats in their tracks.

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By fully understanding the software through mapping everything it is supposed to do, and then immediately stopping what it is not, Virsec achieves total protection, eradicating threats right at the software workload through our revolutionary true application workload protection platform.
Virsec Company Our Mission
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Who We Are

Virsec is led by experts from various disciplines, including network security, semiconductors, embedded systems, and real-time memory systems.

We are dedicated practitioners, passionate about what we do and driven by the impact that this technology has in making the world a safer and better place.

Our experience delivering innovative technology and leadership at companies including AMD, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Dell, NextGen, BMC Software, Websense, as well a long list of high-growth and successful start-up organizations.

Learn more about our team and meet the minds driving Virsec forward.

Award-Winning Security Innovations

Virsec Company Awards ARN Innovation Awards 2021

Finalist for the 2021 ARN Innovation Awards

Virsec Company Awards CISO 50 Future Security Awards

tahawultech.com CIS050 & Future Security Awards 2021

Virsec Company Awards TagCyber Distinguished Vendor 2021

Distinguished Vendor TAG Cyber Security - Q3 2021

Industry-Changing Innovation Industry-Leading Partners

To Protect Your Future

Virsec partners with leading technology vendors to provide a robust partner ecosystem that delivers unparalleled protection for every enterprise within it.
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Join the
Virsec Movement

At Virsec, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that looks at today’s security challenges and asks, “what if we could stop attacks in milliseconds?” Learn more about growing your career at the leading edge of your industry and check out our current opportunities at Virsec today.

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Take Charge of Your Workload Security

With Virsec, you can run the future, instead of letting it run you. Request a demo and experience the difference that application and application workload security built with innovation in mind can make for your organization. 


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