Virsec Security Platform v1.4.0 Availability

We are excited to announce the availability of Virsec Security Platform 1.4.0. This version delivers enhancements to our industry-leading memory protection capabilities, expands cloud coverage, and provides more granularity to runtime visibility with capabilities that include: 

  • Enhanced attack visibility with application performance insights so security practitioners are more in tune with when, where, and how users and operations are affected by incidents

  • Workload protection extended to Google and Oracle cloud enabling digital transformation with workload protection in all major public cloud environments

  • Powerful inline memory protection disarming errant processes with zero-trust execution at the code level, to close the door on attacks

New Application Performance Monitoring

With version 1.4.0, VSP enhances threat visibility with application performance monitoring and analysis capabilities, so security practitioners understand real-time effects of incidents on the digital experience. With each provisioned workload, the APM Analytics Dashboard displays data depicting key performance metrics about the application itself and specific processes it’s running. VSP can also run alongside existing performance monitoring tools currently in use with no conflict. VSP helps security practitioners be more in tune with when, where, and how users and operations are affected -- analyzing the threat data in the context of the impact on the business.

Expansion of Zero Trust Cloud Workload Protection

As your organization takes advantage of the cloud, Virsec enables you to ensure workload protection with runtime visibility and compensating controls. These automatically protect against dangerous vulnerabilities while simplifying security workflows for critical applications and hosted software deployed in cloud environments. Version 1.4.0 brings our industry-leading context-aware protection to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure™ and Google Cloud Platform™ environments. This expands previous coverage that included protection for workloads in Amazon Web Services™ and Microsoft® Azure™. VSP strengthens standard cloud workload security tools to fill critical security gaps and ensure the most powerful cloud workload protections without expertise, tuning, or MDR support, no matter where you deploy your applications.

Powerful Inline Memory Protection

In 1.4.0 we enhanced Advanced Memory Protection capabilities with powerful inline protection that kills errant processes before they execute a single instruction. This new enhancement provides a deeper level of workload protection against blocks of code in memory. Dangerous exploit attempts can be automatically disarmed before they happen. This minimizes possible damage from any delays (even a fraction of a second) after wayward instructions execute. VSP is the only solution that delivers true runtime protection by monitoring code in memory and deterministically detecting sequences of operations that deviate from intended control flow. With this latest improvement attack protections are applied before threats execute, providing the highest level of system integrity assurance without the use of sandboxing.


Organizations using cloud-based reputation services like Flexera, can now integrate with VSP to more effectively assess and categorize protected applications.

Get Started Today

Begin taking advantage of enhancements in Virsec Security Platform 1.4.0. These changes are automatically part of all future versions. To learn more about this release and the features reach out to your Virsec rep and review the release notes and documentation.