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Virsec Security Platform

Application-aware workload protection

Secure application workloads against runtime attacks and exploits that bypass conventional security tools.

Virsec Security Platform stops known and unknown threats across any application on any platform with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Virsec is the only vendor to protect the entire attackable surface of the application — including Host, Memory, and Web layers — during runtime. We enable businesses to consolidate their security infrastructure while dramatically reducing analysis time and labor.


A Radically New Approach to Security

Virsec Security Platform is the only solution to protect all your applications from end to end, on any platform.


Protect ALL Your Applications

Leave No Apps Behind
Secure all the apps that run your business — custom, off-the-shelf, legacy, industrial controls and more.


Secure the FULL Workload

Top to Bottom — End to End
Protect all application layers – host, memory, web, processes, and file systems.


Defend Apps on ANY Platform

Security Travels with Your Apps
Protection that stays with your apps, in on any platform or hybrid environment.

What Makes the Virsec Security Platform Unique


Patented AppMap™ Technology

Maps details about acceptable files, processes, libraries, web input, memory usage, and more, instantly detecting deviations and stopping attacks before they cause damage.

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Automated Protection Without Learning, Tuning, or Noise

Delivers out-of-the-box protection without learning, policy updates, heuristics, or signatures. Unprecedented speed and accuracy let you instantly spot real attacks, while eliminating the noise of false alerts.

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Full-Stack Application Protection

The only solution that unifies memory protection, application control, and system integrity assurance to secure workloads across the full-stack including hosts, memory, and web layers.

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Runtime Visibility and Protection

Patented technology stops advanced attacks that corrupt applications during runtime. Virsec prevents misuse of memory, file systems, web input, and libraries without false positives or performance impact.

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Protecting the World’s Most Critical Applications

Provides front-line protection for mission-critical applications and infrastructure across industries, including financial services, healthcare, government, defense, power, oil & gas, transportation, technology and more.

Third-Party Validation

Virsec has been recognized by leading analysts and industry leaders, and won numerous awards for its unique, and highly effective approach to security.


States that memory protection is “mandatory” and recognizes Virsec’s advanced capabilities, as well as providing Application Control, Integrity Assurance, Cloud Workload Protection, and Operational Security.


Insurance industry consortium (Allianz, AXA, Axis, Beazley, CFC, Munich RE, Sompo, Zurich NA) selected Virsec for improving cybersecurity and qualifying customers for enhanced cyber insurance terms.


Recognizes Virsec for providing advanced Runtime Application Security that overcomes the limitations of WAF and RASP technology.


Tested Virsec efficacy on over 20,000 attacks – found 100% coverage with no false positives.


Virsec has won over 20 prestigious awards for its ground-breaking technology, including Cyber Defense, Cyber Excellence, Info Security, Homeland Security, GSN, and CRN.

Strategic Partners

Virsec has partnered with global industry leaders to solve complex security challenges for governments, defense, technology, telcos, industrial control systems, financial services, and more.