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Protection that Safeguards Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations seek to improve the integration of patient services and adopt modality innovation to elevate the standard of care. In doing so, however, new cybersecurity threat vectors and infiltration points for malware are introduced to the organization, putting at risk valuable health data and patient records. In addition to having a measurable impact on patient care, the failure to meet cybersecurity requirements can result in significant HIPAA penalties and other regulatory compliance fines.


Virsec eliminates the risk of breach by attackers infiltrating workloads and threatening sensitive healthcare data

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Virsec Zero Trust Workload Protection

Virsec creates a comprehensive trust-benchmark for every healthcare application and instantly stops any unexpected activity, creating a true zero trust solution for workloads.

Virsec Enables

Application Control and Reputation Analysis

File System Monitoring and Protection

Runtime and Memory Protection

Web and API Protection

Why Zero Trust for Healthcare Workloads?

Servers and the applications that run on them have become a choice target for attackers looking to compromise healthcare enterprises, and most solutions can only stop what they’ve already seen. Adopting a zero trust application workload protection model ensures that no rogue code ever executes, stopping zero-day attacks, eliminating attacker dwell time, and quieting security alarms.
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Complete Protection to Innovate and Scale Patient Services

Virsec Healthcare Stop Ransomware
Virsec Healthcare Legacy Application Protection
Virsec Healthcare Reduce Third-Party Risk
Stop Ransomware
Eliminate disruptive ransomware and downtime associated with remediation.
Legacy Application Protection
Protect legacy systems that can no longer be patched and eliminate costly EOS contracts. 
Reduce Patch Panic
Patch on your own terms, not during the “Tuesday fire drill.” Schedule patches at convenient times and after careful planning.

See The Difference of True Zero Trust Runtime Protection

Discover the Virsec Security Platform with an experienced Virsec security expert and see how Virsec protects during runtime and stops attacks in milliseconds.