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For Ransomware is a Big Business and Workloads Are The New Attack Surface

If Ransomware were a Silicon Valley start-up, it would be considered a “Unicorn” — high growth, high reward, low risk, minimal competition. Ransomware techniques are often successful, and the perpetrators are rarely prosecuted. As a result, ransomware attacks are escalating and becoming more sophisticated and elusive. And cryptocurrencies have fueled demands to new heights—exceeding 10 million dollars and sometimes as high as 40 to 60 million—for targets with deep pockets.

But there is hope in sight to get in front of ransomware and stop it in its tracks.


The Ransomware Challenge

Stopping attacks at their root, when malicious code executes on workloads, can be the difference between non-event and long-term damage.
The Virsec Security Platform (VSP) counters ransomware attacks to prevent damage, propagation, and defuse evasive tactics targeting specific workloads and valuable data.

Stop Ransomware with Virsec

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Zero Out Zero-Days

Attacks stopped at runtime

All ransomware attacks against workloads have one thing in common, regardless of the motivation behind the attack — the application is being forced to do something it was not intended to do. Command and control, shift left or right to see what is around, escalate privileges, reach out to the cloud, download malicious payloads, etc. All of these are examples of ways an adversary forces the application to do something they want it to do.

The Virsec Security Platform (VSP) applies zero-trust execution to enable a protection-first strategy. It stops attacks in milliseconds, preventing attackers from leveraging vulnerabilities to take control and run malicious code. VSP is a proven technology that enables leading government and commercial organizations worldwide to protect workloads essential to business at runtime with very high efficacy, thus also drastically reducing false positives.

Embrace Zero Trust Application Protection

Know your software. Trust your protection.

Our capabilities bring the most insidious threats into view, even those that bypass traditional defenses and execute at the speed of code. True Zero Trust Runtime Defense uniquely prevents further attack proliferation, especially tactics that deposit and execute untraceable malware embedded in various systems throughout your infrastructure. Attaining security that counters evasive ransomware actions in real-time requires visibility throughout runtime that only a Zero Trust execution approach can provide – without threat hunting, investigation, tuning, and false alerts.

Virsec Capabilities

Application Control and Reputation Analysis

Harden your applications from the inside.

File System Monitoring and Protection

Prevent “living off the land” attacks with file integrity.

Runtime and Memory Protection

Map and secure process memory so no malicious code ever executes.

Web and API Protection

Counter attacks that bypass firewalls and with truly self-defending software.

VSP vs. Other Solutions

With Virsec, stop ransomware in milliseconds and achieve effective and efficient protection through a simplified security stack.
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Partial Support
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Executable Reputation


Malware & Ransomware


File Integrity Assurance

Application Control


Web Application


Memory Exploit


Legacy workloads which

are un-patchable

Buffer Overflow Protection

Automated Zero Dwell

Time Protection



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Ransomware Solution Brief

— Dr. Andrey Zarur, CEO, Greenlight Biosciences

"We deployed Virsec in a few hours to fully protect our mission critical server workload, and now feel more in control of our future."

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