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Sophisticated Hackers Employ File-Less, Memory-Based Attacks

Today’s Security Products Miss Them Completely. Except Virsec.

Memory Corruption Attacks
The Hardest Vector of Attack to Stop in Cyber Defense

Sophisticated hackers infiltrate mercilessly through memory, unlike script kiddies

ROP chain attacks are the fastest growing form of malware on Windows

ROP chain attacks defeat ASLR using Information Leak attacks

Buffer Errors are the largest category of vulnerabilities by NIST in the NVD

Current file and memory protection methods of Endpoint Security players leave you exposed.

“Virsec’s solution provides an advanced detection mechanism against certain indefensible and previously difficult to detect cyber-attacks.”

Chief Security Architect, Leading ICS/SCADA Application Vendor

Uniquely capable of Detecting Memory Corruption Attacks

Virsec is the first definitive solution for ROP chain attacks and other memory-based attacks. Using a deterministic approach, memory-based attacks can be detected in microseconds, before real damage can happen.

100% Accuracy and No False Positives

Virsec works like no other solution available, using patented technology that provides CPU-level context and visibility on server processes. Using this approach, Virsec is able to detect memory-based and application cyber attacks at a 100% accuracy rate, and without false positives.

Become “Impenetrable” to Data Breach through Applications

Applications are a key vector of compromise for the grand majority of data breaches. To be adequately protected, you must secure your application from the binary memory layer to the web layer where code vulnerabilities exist.

What’s Your Exposure to Sophisticated, Memory-Based Hacking?

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