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Application-AwareWorkload Protection

Secure all your applications in any
environment against advanced cyberattacks

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Stop Fileless
Memory Attacks

Protect Legacy

Reduce Patching

Engineered for Servers—
Not Endpoints

Platform Benefits

Protect Your Application Workloads from the Inside

Network or endpoint security isn’t enough against today’s threats. Virsec stops known and unknown threats, delivering unprecedented speed and accuracy, while simplifying your security operations.

“Do not use an offering designed to protect end-user endpoints and expect it to provide adequate protection for server workloads.”

Gartner, Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms, 2019


Complete Runtime Visibility

Virsec is instrumented in the server workload and delivers complete visibility across the application stack from the inside.


Application Awareness

AppMap® technology maps what apps are allowed to do and instantly stops deviations at the first step before damage is done.


Comprehensive Protection

Protects all your apps – custom, COTS, third-party, legacy, SCADA on any platform – on-prem virtual, cloud, hybrid, container.

Virsec Instantly Detects and Stop Attacks
During Runtime

“Virsec’s solution for preventing memory-based cyberattacks has proven to be effective and resilient. This makes it much more difficult for attackers.”

Teresa Shea
Vice President, Raytheon Intelligence & Space
“Virsec virtually patches vulnerabilities in runtime memory, so nobody can exploit them.”
Paul Forney
Chief Security Architect, Schneider Electric

“Virsec understands what’s happening to applications at runtime making them self-defending against any vulnerabilities.”

Sona Srinivasan
Enterprise Architect, Cisco

“Virsec delivers comprehensive protection for healthcare applications and data.”

Helder Antunes
CEO, CyVolve

“When we deployed Virsec we got an immediate ROI. We immediately saw and stopped threats and got a clear view into our application attack surface.”

Sid Phadnis
Principal – Cybersecurity, Broadcom

“Virsec monitors how code executes at the lowest level and instantly detects when an adversary is trying to make it do something bad.”

Michael Daly
CTO for Cybersecurity, Raytheon

Application Security
from the Inside

Virsec understands what apps are supposed to do, making sure they never get derailed – regardless of external threats, vulnerabilities, ransomware, or zero-day attacks.




False Alerts


Learning, Tuning, or Noise


Powerful Protection for Critical Applications

The most advanced security threats thrive on unpredictability. Virsec's innovative platform makes sure your business-critical applications always execute correctly and never go off the rails. With Virsec, you can protect any application including:



Enterprise Applications

End-to-end protection for your public-facing business apps — from web apps to backend servers.

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Legacy Applications

Keep your legacy systems safe with virtual patching and runtime protection.

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Cloud Workloads

Secure critical workloads from the inside regardless of where they operate.

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Critical Systems

Protect mission-critical apps that can't go down, from SCADA to ERP to defense.

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Virsec protects the frontlines of the most critical industries, detecting and stopping the most sophisticated attacks without any prior knowledge.

Virsec is trusted to protect enterprise applications in financial services, government, defense, healthcare, critical infrastructure, industrial controls, and much more.


See Virsec in Action

Discover how Virsec can protect your business-critical applications in real time.

Browse our library of interactive demos showing Virsec stopping a wide range of advanced attacks with step-by-step explanations, diagrams and resources guides.


Let our experts show you the Virsec platform in action – protecting against live attacks in real-time – and learn how Virsec can protect your business-critical applications.


Explore our library of live and recorded events featuring industry analysts, security experts, product specialists, demonstrations, and more.


Ransomware Defense for Financial Services

Read the report from Aite Group on how to stop ransomware before damage is done.

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