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Stop Tomorrow's Zero-Day Attacks, Today

Zero Trust Protection for Application Workloads

Radically strengthen your security program, stop attacks in milliseconds, and eliminate dwell time with Virsec’s precise, continuous workload protection.

Trusted by the Teams That Need It Most. Battle-tested for Efficacy.

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What Is Virsec?

Zero Trust Protection for Application Workloads.

Only allow what you trust to run. Stop everything else.
Instantly stop threats that target your workloads.

Go beyond detection and response — protect your workloads instantly


Eliminate Zero-Day Threats

Protect workloads from zero-days and other unknown attacks.
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Take Adversary Dwell Time to Zero

Put an end to long-term data damage and loss.
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Embrace Zero Noise

Give your analysts low false positives, high accuracy.

Virsec continuously protects application workloads, stopping known and unknown attacks—including zero-days. Virsec Map technology precisely maps what’s expected (or not), only allowing trusted apps, files, and processes to run. And Virsec Enforce stops malicious code before it can run, protecting workloads at every moment.

Bring Zero Trust to Your Workloads

Allow what’s trusted.
Stop everything else.

Zero Trust isn't something that should just be applied to your perimeter and identity management—you should carry it through to protect your workloads.

Learn how Virsec takes a Zero Trust approach to securing your workloads.

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— Adnan Masri, IT Manager, SHBC

"We have deployed the Virsec solution for more than 100 servers. The product is good and unique in this segment as it combines web security along with host and in-memory protection. Virsec understands what is happening to applications at runtime making them self-defensive against vulnerabilities. It delivers comprehensive protection for our servers, applications, and data."

Continuous Workload Protection

Virsec Map

What’s authorized to run

Virsec Enforce

Trusted Execution




Scan workload for all executable files

Precisely map what your workload and applications are designed to do.




Verify executable’s reputation & dependencies
Review every executable’s reputation, protect files from malicious tampering, and monitor critical folders for malicious file changes.



Automate allow-listing & executable memory mapping
Establish allow-listing for executables, libraries, and scripts based on reputation and enforce at runtime.



Stop malicious code execution

Automatically stop file, file-less, memory injection, buffer error & web attacks.

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Sleep better at night. Virsec keeps critical applications secure and the business safe.

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Automate runtime protection

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Stops known and unknown, zero-day, memory, fileless, file-based attacks from infecting workloads in milliseconds
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Reduce dwell time to zero

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Stops more threats with the fewest false positives

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Drive Value Across the Enterprise

Virsec Home Ransomware Protection@2x-1
Virsec Home Protect Legacy@2x
Virsec Home Solve the Vicious Cycle@2x
Ransomware Protection
Stop zero-days, ransomware, and other unknown attacks from breaching mission-critical assets. Learn more.
Protect Legacy and Out-of-Support Applications and Workloads
Companies are running legacy or no longer supported software that can’t be patched, increasing their attack risk. Learn more.
Solve the Vicious Panic Patching Cycle
Security teams are stuck in the panic patching spiral, constantly trying to find and patch vulnerabilities. Learn more.

Take Charge of Your Workload Security

Take Charge of Your
Workload Security



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