Virsec Receives Three Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards

Most Innovative Next-Generation Security, Real Time Security and Zero Day Attack and Exploit Detection & Prevention

Last month, Virsec was awarded Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards for each of the categories in which it was nominated.

Virsec awards:

  • Gold Award for Most Innovative Next Generation Security
  • Gold Award for Real Time Security
  • Silver award for Zero Day Attack and Exploit Detection & Prevention

Virsec has been a consistent recipient of the security industry’s most prestigious awards for its Virsec Security Platform. Virsec Security Platform is the first solution to combine advanced CI/CD application testing with continuous monitoring during runtime to provide unprecedented accuracy and time savings as it protects against real-world attacks.

The Platform protects applications from the inside across the full application stack at the web, memory, and host levels. With its patented AppMap™ technology, Virsec maps and enforces the control flow integrity of code as it executes. If unexpected behavior occurs, it’s immediately detected and stopped within milliseconds. Virsec Security Platform proactively stops malicious code from executing within an application, without relying on exploit signatures, heuristics or behavioral rules.

Paul Forney, Chief Security Architect for Schneider Electric, says about Virsec Security Platform: “These awards are well deserved, recognizing how powerful their technology is. Virsec’s unique control flow integrity protects critical applications at the deepest levels of process memory – stopping attacks like ROP chain, fileless, buffer overflows and other sophisticated attack techniques.”

Rajiv Singh, SVP Global Cybersecurity for Tech Mahindra, says: “We understand why Virsec has dominated in so many important award categories. These awards echo what we’ve heard from our customers in telecom, ICS, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and others. They believe Virsec is a game-changer for protecting their most critical applications – their crown jewels. We have been working closely with Virsec for a year, won marquee customers, and just announced our global partnership.”

And from Atiq Raza, CEO of Virsec:

“Organizations are increasingly recognizing how important it is to change their security mindset, given the advent over the last five years of entirely new and sophisticated attacks that are completely outside of the reach of traditional security solutions, and the devastation that these threats can cause. We are deeply honored with these recognitions and we congratulate the ISPG team for their tireless effort in informing the industry.

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