Virsec 2020 Cybersecurity Predictions

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Hang on Tight as the Cyber Roller Coaster Accelerates

Last year we asked you to fasten your seatbelts. In 2020 we suggest you also carry an air sickness bag, because security turbulence is only getting worse.

As an industry, we’d like to believe that our hard work in tackling security challenges will eventually lead to a “cure,” or a least show security getting somewhat better. However, political turmoil, lucrative hacking schemes, unchecked industrial espionage, and headspinning technology changes, lead most security experts to feel, well… insecure.

This paper outlines 10 significant security trends that we predict will continue or likely accelerate in 2020. These range from external threats (cyber warfare, election tampering, ransomware), to business issues (cyber insurance, supply chain uncertainty, new privacy regulations) to technology issues (container security concerns, AI security hype, the ongoing flood of false positives).

While these trends are leading to increased investments in security, they also call for rethinking our basic security models, and not just deploying more of the same. Traditional perimeter security is easily bypassed by smart hackers and becoming increasingly irrelevant in a cloud-driven world.

Many organizations are moving towards DevSecOps—“shifting left” and engaging developers more closely in security. While this is a positive trend, security practitioners, experts, and vendors most also step up, become agile, react quickly, and precisely pinpoint threats as they happen to avoid serious damage.

So, in 2020, strap in, buckle up, try to avoid nausea and be vigilant. There is lots of room to get better at security, but we’ll have to stay sharp and on our toes.

Read Virsec 2020 Predictions doc