Secure Network Solutions (SNS) and Virsec Partner to to Deliver Game-Changing Cybersecurity Solutions in India

US-based cyber security company, Virsec, has announced a new partnership with Secure Network Solutions India (SNS), a Chennai-based company delivering security solutions and services, to offer advanced cyber security solutions to its clientele in India.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, with India office in Bangalore, Virsec has been working on new models and research to counter today’s advanced threats to ensure protection for critical assets.

The Virsec Security Platform stops fileless attacks and in-memory threats that escape detection by conventional security tools. These advanced application attacks have been considered indefensible, putting many businesses in jeopardy. Virsec stops these threats, protecting applications from the inside against known and unknown zero-day threats.

“With the dramatic rise in cyberattacks, businesses are struggling to maintain visibility over critical applications and stop attacks that bypass conventional security tools,” said N K Mehta, MD & CEO of SNS.

SNS has a network of over 40 cyber security vendors, supports 1200 customers in the areas of applications, users, data, cloud and network security. Founded in October 2000, SNS has built expertise in niche areas and is a pioneer in bringing innovative technologies to India.

“In today’s hostile security environment, we’re seeing an exponential rise in attacks targeting application memory during runtime. Virsec is the only solution that directly addresses this risk to all businesses,” said Bobby Gupta, Managing Director of International Business at Virsec.

“Combining our unique technology with SNS’s expertise will help secure businesses in the region and deliver the next level of cyber risk management,” he said.

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