Protecting Enterprise Platforms from Ransomware and Other Threats

Effective cybersecurity is all about building layers of the most effective defense tools available. For many enterprises, building applications in the cloud on containers like Kubernetes or Docker, security is built-in to the cloud deployment platform. Most endpoint security solutions - like anti-virus tools or CVE Scanners can only detect known threats. Virsec’s multipoint solutions protect you against the unknown and everything in between. 

Standing up to the OWASP Top 10 and more 

Attackers will naturally go where your defense is lacking. Many people are familiar with various types of web layer attacks, the OWASP Top 10 – cross-site scripting, CSRF, and command injections. There are tools that try to stop some of these familiar methods. But attackers are not just relying on the familiar. They’re using memory-based attacks – buffer errors, stack smashing, various types of overflows, ROP chains, to attack and inject their code directly into binary code, third-party apps or even mission-critical industrial control systems. 

Ransomware payloads on enterprise server data centers  

Many of the long-standing applications that run corporate America were built-in tools like Visual Studio and run on Microsoft Windows Servers. Windows Servers are all-purpose platforms that provide the platform on which most clouds (like Azure) are built. These platforms can run a wide range of applications and have unlimited access to network resources and vectors for getting into networks. EXE and DLL (Runtime Executables) form most ransomware payloads because they are difficult to detect, silent and when executed, there are zero platform, container or environment limitations to the havoc they can wreak. 

What’s included in unsupported legacy IT? 

These include all of the legacy Windows Server versions including 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019 which are no longer supported or covered, especially by the only tool build to defend some of the services they make seamlessly available: Microsoft Defender ATP (itself end of life) and EDR. While Defender EDR for the cloud lives on, it cannot secure the vast portfolio of disk space under Windows Server 20XX in data centers, and server farms that reside in on-prem, colo and legacy cloud hosting.  

How can an enterprise landscape be defended?  

Virsec has been designed to defend this enormous magnetic real estate as an Enterprise, multi-layered Cybersecurity Platform with no comparison. 

Efficacy and Testing 

Over the years, Virsec has undergone deployment testing, lab testing, third party testing and of course, in-house testing - at both Virsec Labs and the millions of servers we protect. There’s just no comparison - Virsec outperforms EDRs and EPP by minutes and hours – taking only milliseconds to detect and stop ransomware running on servers.  

Virsec protects both Windows and Linux servers through our trusted platforms: 

  • Virsec Security Platform (VSP)  
  • TrustSight 
  • TrustGuardian 


Zero-Trust Workload Protection 

Unlike traditional security software that allows everything to run unless flagged malicious - essentially covering only “known threats”., Virsec flips the script with a "default deny" approach that implements literal “Zero Trust” to the countless executables in the world of ransomware.  Virsec's TrustSight product creates a whitelist of known “good” programs. Only those programs are allowed to run, stopping malware and even unknown threats in their tracks  

Runtime Analysis 

Virsec constantly monitors server activity, analyzing programs' behavior for signs of malicious activity. This helps catch zero-day attacks that exploit unknown vulnerabilities. 

Legacy System Protection  

Let’s face it, Windows Servers, from Windows Server 2003 onward are extremely vulnerable. Virsec is designed to work with these legacy systems, providing a safety net even if you can't upgrade to a more secure server version. By combining whitelisting, runtime analysis, and legacy system support, it aims to provide comprehensive protection against modern cyber threats. 

Vertical-specific enterprise security 

Virsec has been deployed in virtually every sector in the Enterprise Economy: 

  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare 
  • Infrastructure and Supply Chain 
  • Technology 
  • Public  
  • Education 
  • State and Local Government 
  • Education 

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