We Raised $100M. Now We Further Redefine How Software is Secured.

As the only cybersecurity company to fully protect software wherever it runs in real-time, this financial ammunition advances our mission of making cyber attacks to software irrelevant.

In 2011, Mark Andreessen famously said that “software is eating the world.” Ten years later, software more than ever before controls our companies, our governments, our critical infrastructure, and so much of how we manage our daily personal lives. There is nothing that is more invasive yet also integral than software.

As the first investor in Virsec, I’ve had a front-row seat to the innovation that made the company’s technology one that would eventually revolutionize the cybersecurity industry. When I became CEO last year, I spoke with hundreds of executive and practitioner customers, and it became painstakingly clear that current cybersecurity tools would forever be locked in an asymmetrical battle of vulnerability analysis and threat hunting that would be impossible to win.

Until now.

Virsec has brought to market the first and only technology that fully protects software from cyberattacks wherever it runs in real-time. This is the game changer our world has needed to secure the foundation of how we operate our daily lives – professionally and personally.

Every enterprise has a full stack of security products, yet none of them can fully understand the intent of its software, and therefore cannot prevent attacks on that software. Virsec Security Platform’s (VSP) unique application-aware protection keeps critical software, applications, and workloads safe at runtime even if they are unpatched or contain unknown vulnerabilities. Our patented platform can stop a cyberattack in its tracks, allowing an attacker zero dwell time, even while the software is executing. Virsec achieves this without ever touching the software and the product fits into today’s legacy or modern IT environments in an easy to use, automated way that scale and maintains well. No other technology can fully protect legacy software, nor fully protect modern software and environments against ransomware and supply chain poisoning.

Our $100M series C, which brought together a community of 70+ investors and advisors from public sector, critical infrastructure, global enterprise, and venture communities, is a resounding vote of confidence in what Virsec has achieved and will achieve in the future. While we are proud of this milestone in our journey, this investment is merely that: a milestone in our journey. The true accomplishment is when we put this money to work to grow our company, secure even more global enterprises, and achieve our ultimate mission of making cyber attacks on software irrelevant.

Virsec is leading a cybersecurity revolution in how we protect businesses, governments, public institutions, critical infrastructure – all the vital underpinnings of our society. We are taking the power back from attackers and restoring it to the rightful owners.

Join us.