Silicon Valley Cybersecurity Companies Helping Prevent Online Attacks

As people continue to store their personal information on laptops and mobile devices, the world faces the mounting threat of identity theft. In recent years, in fact, cyber crime has reached new heights, as evidenced by the infamous cyberattack on Sony Pictures in 2014, which leaked a large amount of confidential data and prompted the studio to build up better online defenses. As the digital landscape continues to shift worldwide, incidents like this one will only become more common. Fortunately, there are organizations dedicating themselves to the fight against online criminals, and many of them are conveniently located amongst the nation’s tech leaders.

Silicon Valley is at the forefront of combating cyberattacks, hosting countless cybersecurity companies that are helping businesses from every industry improve their online immunity. While these organizations are improving response times to online attacks, they’re also working hard to prevent hacks from happening in the first place, granting businesses greater visibility into their digital personas. From attack analysis to malware mitigation, these 15 cybersecurity companies in Silicon Valley have the solutions every business needs to fend off online predators.

Virsec Profile:

Founded: 2015

Location: San Jose

What Virsec does: Virsec detects and remediates previously “indefensible” advanced memory-based attacks on critical applications and server endpoints. The company provides runtime application visibility and protection at the CPU-level to ensure real-time detection and remediation within microseconds, boasting the ability to detect file-less memory corruption and even ROP chain attacks on server endpoints. Working with organizations from a wide range of industries, Virsec allows enterprises to release applications faster and achieve advanced hacking protection.

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