9 disruptive security plays from RSAC 2019

RSA 2019 just finished last week, showcasing the latest cybersecurity technologies meant to tackle the increasing threats that continually plague organizations. Given the enormous and rising number of cyber breaches, it’s evident number of cyber threats is far outweighing the number of effective solutions.

Right from the start, it’s not a level playing field. Companies must defend all fronts and bad actor need only find one weak point of entry.

Jason Bloomberg with TechBeacon identified 9 products at RSA this year as top picks that hold promise for being disruptors to the security landscape. Here are the 9 categories and companies:

1. AI everywhere (Blue Hexagon)
2. Next-gen authentication (Accepto)
3 & 4. Zero-trust computing (Nyotron, Virsec)
5. Behavior analytics (Securonix)
6. Automated, adaptive intention (ShieldX)
7. Protecting data in use (Enveil)
8 & 9. Offensive cybersecurity (Attivo Networks, XM Cyber)

Virsec lands under Zero-trust computing, notably for its deep-level zero-trust model.

As Jason describes it, Virsec understands how applications are supposed to behave at the CPU instruction and memory level—the lowest level of computing.

As a result, Virsec can detect and prevent any malicious behavior from any source, including interpreted and compiled binary code to application processes, file systems, and even the microcode that sophisticated malware such as Spectre and Meltdown target.

Essentially, Virsec provides trusted execution of all types of code, ensuring safe execution regardless of the nature of the threat. In fact, Virsec can even protect against code running with unpatched vulnerabilities, thus offering a type of "virtual patching" that compensates for such weaknesses until the organization can apply a formal patch.

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