Virsec and CyVolve Partner to Deliver Advanced Cybersecurity

Joint solution combines cutting-edge application and data security to protect global healthcare, government and private-sector organizations during crucial time

SAN JOSE, CA, April 8, 2020 – Virsec, the industry leader in protecting critical applications during runtime, announced it has partnered with CyVolve, a next-generation provider of data security, to ensure constant encryption and AI-driven pervasive control of an organization’s data across platforms. Through the partnership, the companies will provide advanced security solutions for major healthcare organizations and other industry leaders throughout Europe, the US and Middle East.

The joint solution will protect organizations from a wave of advanced cyberattacks that bypass conventional security, exploit application vulnerabilities, and compromise sensitive data. By combining cutting-edge application security from Virsec, with pervasive data protection from CyVolve, the solution will provide comprehensive security for regulated industries managing sensitive and private data. The combined solution will be showcased initially at the CyVolve briefing center in Newcastle, UK and demonstrated for healthcare, government and private-sector organizations throughout the region.

“With today’s global disruption spawning new cyberattacks, it’s critical that organizations are vigilant to protect mission-critical applications and private data,” said Helder F. Antunes, CEO at CyVolve. “We are pleased to partner with Virsec to deliver comprehensive protection for healthcare applications and data.”

“Companies around the world need complete and seamless protection for critical applications and sensitive data,” said Bobby Gupta, managing director for international business at Virsec. “Combining our best-in-class technologies will deliver compelling solutions for healthcare, major government and private organizations globally, and it couldn’t come at a more critical time.”

“Virsec’s breakthrough runtime application protection is the perfect complement to CyVolve’s centralized data control across disparate platforms and domains.” said Ray DeMeo, senior vice president of public sector business at Virsec. “Together, we are well positioned to serve a clear cybersecurity need in the public sector.”

About Virsec
Based in San Jose, California, Virsec was founded on the belief that a new model is required to counter today’s advanced cyber threats. The company is led by industry veterans who have driven one of the world’s top processor teams, and created innovative technology in network security, embedded systems and real-time memory protection. Virsec’s team has broad leadership experience at multiple leading cybersecurity and technology companies, and a long list of high-growth startups. More information is available at

About CyVolve
Headquartered in Vienna, VA, CyVolve is a forward-thinking data security provider which bases its solutions in constantly evolving technology. The firm’s data management operating system, known as CyOS™, uses a blend of hierarchical encryption and deep AI analytics to provide persistent data security across varied platforms, domains, clouds, and disparate technologies from legacy systems to chip-level hardware and IoT. Fully compliant to HIPAA and GDPR regulations, CyVolve’s CyOS™ system is used by healthcare firms, financial institutions, and government agencies across the globe. CyVolve empowers organizations to protect, share, and manage their valuable data with the confidence that they will remain in total control of that data at all times. More information is available at

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