Video: The Next Frontier of Application Runtime Security

The whack-a-mole approach to security is not working; we needed to change the mindset from following the attacker to following the code: The root to solving the security problem is preventing unauthorized code from attackers or other third-parties from running on applications. Protecting the integrity of an application, in real-time, is becoming a minimum requirement to ensuring the security of every enterprise.

But how? When implementing real-time application monitoring policies, there are typically two major pain points: policy creation and policy maintenance and flexibility. This session will detail different approaches about how to tackle these pain points to provide the next-generation of application security.

Specifically, the talk will dive into the question of how to monitor an application at runtime protecting it against fileless attacks while doing so in a practical manner. The next- generation of application runtime security needs to be deterministic, yet flexible enough to adapt the real-time behavior of the application.