The Journey for Application Trusted Execution Begins

I know I speak for the entire company and management team when I say we cannot be more excited about next week’s public unveiling of Virsec. Our technology is the fruit of nearly two years of extensive market and product research and development in deep cyber and application security. We took a unique approach in solving a very hard problem to deliver the first unified platform to protect enterprises at both the binary and interpreted application level.

It’s easy to lose count of the number of companies who each have a different approach to enterprise security, but we believe what we have is truly unique and marks a fundamental shift in how security teams will implement best practices. Virsec is the only company approaching security detection and enforcement that ensures applications behave as they were intended to at both the lowest levels of memory and in responding to user inputs.

The security industry today mostly approaches the hacking and advanced threat problem by focusing on the known bad. Virsec focuses on the known good. We call this Trusted Execution and it works because of a patent-pending ability to generate an AppMAP of any binary and most server-side coded interpreted applications. The ramifications of turning the tables on the bad guys and not chasing them with signatures or behavioral analytics are tremendous. Virsec shuts the zero-day window where the bad guys have the jump on the good guys simply because they are the first movers in the game of cat-and-mouse.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been working with lighthouse customers in defense, government, healthcare and financial services to ensure our solution can withstand and protect the most intensive application security threat environments. The results we’re showing are outstanding and we look forward to sharing those benchmarks with you in the coming weeks.

Enterprises who want to stop breaches of their most sensitive and critical data, which is often sitting behind vulnerable business-critical applications, should study Virsec’s approach. What you’ll find is a solution that delivers unprecedented accuracy, high performance and completeness in application security.

We look forward to working with you.