Prediction Series #13 Final: For Defending Against 2019 Application Security Threats, Virsec Has You Covered

In our Prediction blog series for 2019, we’ve outlined in 12 blogs 12 troubling areas where we expect cyber threats to expand this year.

The Troubling Twelve

1. Security systems are blind to memory-based threats - a failure that will continue to pose data theft risks
2. Critical infrastructure organizations will face more pressure to address ever-present ICS threats
3. “Mind the Patching Gap” – Hackers will continue taking advantage of companies that don’t keep up
4. Demonstrated attacks likely to become actual attacks for Spectre and Meltdown
5. Cyberinsurance will increase, even as it may be threatened
6. False positives and alert fatigue will continue to undermine security
7. Focus on app security and defense will increase and move beyond RASPs
8. Breach disclosures forced to become global and quick
9. Hackers will increase dwell time and hide out in your networks longer and longer
10. Supply chain challenges will increase, driving vendors to rethink security
11. Not all endpoints are equal – priorities for servers, apps, and cloud workloads will shift
12. Moving WAFs to the Cloud Delivers the Lowest Common Denominator for Security

Ten Ways Virsec Provides Protection Against Advanced Targeted Attacks

Virsec solutions are designed to address a good number of these challenges. When it comes to protecting against advanced targeted attacks, Virsec’s radical new approach provides unprecedented protection for enterprise applications and industrial controls from today’s most dangerous threats.

One of the ways Virsec accomplishes this is by having full knowledge of the context in which each application is running. By using stateful analysis across multiple application touch points and process, Virsec detects application attacks with full fidelity, and can separate threat noise from real application attacks. This leads to a level of accuracy that correlates across the entire pipeline, minimal impact on applications and dramatically fewer false positives than other solutions.

The Virsec Security Platform secures the entire application stack from memory to the web as attacks happen, identifying:

  • OWASP Top 10
  • Advanced targeted attacks
  • Injection attacks
  • Unknown threats
  • Memory-based attacks
  • Zero-day threats
  • Stealthy fileless
  • Malware and more

Virsec delivers stronger defense and greater simplicity in these areas:

Practical, Effective, and Accurate

  1. Protecting applications from the inside – not the perimeter

Instead of endless, perimeter threat chasing, protect any app from known or unknown threats, without signatures or prior knowledge.

  1. Focusing on applications, servers and workloads

Tools that keep viruses off your laptop are not adequate to protect server-based applications or cloud workloads. Virsec protects business critical applications, on-premises or in the cloud.

  1. Complete runtime memory protection

Virsec is the only security tool that protects your applications during runtime from advanced attacks that subvert legitimate process and memory.

  1. Virtual, pre-emptive patching

Virsec protects any application as is, without relying on patching or policy updates.

  1. Security that travels with your applications

Virsec deliver security ideally suite for the cloud, providing application protection that stays with your application anywhere.

  1. Change is a constant – deal with it

Virsec requires no tuning and no specific policies so it’s ready to go at all times.

  1. Built for scalability for hundreds of apps

Virsec is easy to deploy and can automatically scale to protect hundreds or thousands of diverse applications.

  1. Security that works out-of-the-box

Virsec provides all security functionality from day one, with no tuning, customization or policy updates.

  1. Full application context

Virsec puts the whole picture together and understands the full application context, ensuring your apps only do what the developer intended.

  1. Proactive protection nips attacks in the bud

Because of Virsec’s precision and integrated protection actions, you can have the confidence that attacks are detected in real-time and the appropriate actions are taken – automatically, every time.


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