Deterministic Protection is the Mindset Shift the Security Industry Needs

January 26 was a monumental day for Virsec, our community, and the cybersecurity industry as we know it. In tight collaboration with our community of customers, advisors, investors, and partners, our team announced the Virsec Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP).  

As I wrote in my blog post last year when we raised $100M in Series C funding, defenders continue to be exhausted at the failed promise of ‘protection’. Existing security tools and solutions continue to rely on rule-based, probabilistic methods to evaluate whether something is good, or something is bad. In other words, their technology, and their ability to provide security to their customers is subject to or involves chance This approach clearly has not effectively stopped many cyber-attacks from occurring and security leaders around the world recognized their security cannot be left to chance. Today’s cyber security needs a first principles way of thinking to solve the problem and we steadfastly believe we must move toward a deterministic approach to security.  

It is no secret that conventional security approaches are not effective. The industry has reached an inflection point where the amount of money being spent on security is no longer actually offering better protection. Why is that? The bad actors continue to innovate, and incremental response simply lacks the sophistication to keep up with this innovation. Most of these solutions take a probabilistic approach – focusing on chasing evolving threats and plugging porous perimeters. 

This is where DPP is sharply distinctive in its method and offers complete protection, addressing the root of frustration that many security practitioners face today. Over the past few months, we have engaged in numerous conversions with our community of security practitioners and business leaders. Through these conversations, the Virsec team realized how we should effectively communicate the most fundamental ways that make us different and more effective than existing tools and methods. Our “First Principles” design and approach to security which follows the code, not the attacker. This is precisely what we mean when we proudly state that we offer a deterministic solution. Only a first-principles approach can eradicate software threats in real-time before they can cause any harm and achieve our mission of making security response obsolete. 

Virsec Advisor, David Reilly (Former CIO Bank of America, Global Banking and Markets), describes the deterministic protection approach best when he said: Virsec learns what your software should do and knows if your code attempts to do something outside of ‘known good.” When you can map and track your ‘known good’, you are automatically protected and can respond quickly.”  

Virsec’s new visual identity which we also launched at the end of January more closely aligns with our values and how we deliver outcomes for our customers. I encourage you to look at our newly refreshed website here. 

Everyone whom I speak with – customers, investors, advisors, partners, and Virsec team members – will tell you how excited I am to be leading Virsec and the security industry during our next chapter where we continue to strive to make cyber-attacks irrelevant.