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Protect Against Ransomware Breaches

Virsec Security Platform (VSP) stops attacks in milliseconds, preventing attackers from leveraging vulnerabilities to take control and run malicious code. It enables organizations to protect critical workloads at runtime with very high efficacy, thus also drastically reducing false positives.

VSP proactively protects against ransomware and malware exploits with VirsecMap, which defines the executable allow list of what is authorized (system integrity), and VirsecEnforce which dynamically enforces that the software executes as expected (runtime protection). With a protection-first approach to zero trust, Virsec‘s approach of allowing only ‘known good’ dependencies such as files, scripts, and libraries to run, stops all other malicious behaviors regardless of if they are known or unknown attacks. VSP eliminates the logistical nightmare of reacting to vulnerabilities and security patches and does not require the ongoing update of threat feeds.

VSP continuously monitors file systems, registries, scripts, and processes to ensure the system integrity of applications and workloads. It verifies that applications are reputable and trusted. This facilitates the automatic detection of DLL injection attacks, and misuse of legitimate software components and tools, without requiring rules and signature updates. VSP also prevents lateral progress in the event chain by blocking unauthorized code execution on host operating systems (OS).


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