Eliminate Panic Patching in Healthcare

Unpatched vulnerabilities are the most prominent attack vectors exploited by cybercriminal groups. Every time a new security patch is issued by a vendor, IT and Security teams must rush to deploy the patch across several server workloads. As the volume and velocity of patches increase, competing priorities place the IT Operations, SOC, and triage teams in constant high-pressure situations. This rushed, unplanned manual patching is disruptive to the business, error-prone, and overrides the planned release cycles. It also does not allow for proper patch testing and validation.


How Virsec Alleviates Panic Patching

Server Hardening
With automated allow listing and granular application control policies, server workloads are protected from external attempts to inject malicious code or hijack processes or files until the patch can be deployed.

Automatically Contain the Vulnerability
Stop lateral move through cross-site scripting (stored XSS) to prevent infiltration and weaponization.

Patch on Your Terms
Avoid panic patching due to a critical security incident knowing only authorized applications, dependencies, and bills of materials of processes and files will be enforced at runtime. Patch once analysis, testing and deployment plans are fully vetted.

Application Visibility
With auto-discovery of applications IT and Security organizations now have insights into which applications are running on server workloads for risk assessment and prioritization.

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