Virsec Receives Cyber Catalyst Designation

Marsh announced that Virsec Security Platform® was one of the seventeen designated Cyber Catalyst solutions for 2019. Many cyber insurers convened to identify 150 product contenders, of which 17 were designated.

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Virsec Security Platform (VSP) stops file-less attacks and in-memory exploits that escape detection of other security options. File-less malware, memory corruption and other advanced application attacks that weaponize at runtime (WRT) have put organizations in jeopardy. Some have described this class of attacks as near indefensible.

But VSP is capable of standing up to these threats, protecting applications from the inside out.

Evaluating the Cybersecurity Solutions

Over 150 applications to be evaluated as a cybersecurity solution contender were turned in between March 26 and May 5 of this year. Insurers participating used six criteria to evaluate the solutions.

  1. Reduction of cyber risk
  2. Key performance metrics
  3. Viability
  4. Efficiency
  5. Flexibility
  6. Differentiating features

Virsec Security Platform underwent these six evaluations for its ability to defend against advanced attacks: unknown, zero-day threats, file-less memory exploits, and WRTs.

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