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Virsec is taking a different approach to zero trust for applications and workloads. Get insights into how we can stop attacks in milliseconds and how that’s reshaping the security landscape.

Virsec Security Platform: When EDRs and EPPs Fall Short

The Virsec Security Platform (VSP)offers better security than traditional security solutions like EDRs and EPPs because it provides proactive, application-aware protection. VSP uses CFI, BCI, and CACR to create an impenetrable barrier against modern threats with zero dwell time, minimizing the window for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities and steal data.

Zero Trust Runtime Defense: Focusing on Trusted Code

The Virsec Security Platform (VSP) focuses on the code running on the workload and not threat actor techniques. It is immune to any shenanigans that even the most sophisticated threat actor can throw. VSP ensures only trusted code is allowed to run and stops everything else and is worthy of being called a true Zero Trust security solution. If VSP cannot trust the code’s provenance, integrity, and authorization, it will prevent such code from executing even one instruction, resulting in zero dwell time. Read more to learn how to implement a security control that ensures threat actor-provided or influenced code does not execute.

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