John Chambers Joins Virsec as an Investor and Strategic Advisor

By Virsec

It’s been an exciting week here at Virsec! We are thrilled to announce that industry expert John Chambers has officially joined the team as an investor and strategic advisor. In a career that spans 30 years, John has focused on helping disruptive startups from around the world build and scale. He invests in companies that are leading market transitions and promotes entrepreneurship, gender equality, and accelerating new business creation around the world to create startup nations and a startup world.

In his new role, John will help Virsec expand the reach of our application-aware workload protection platform that detects and stops any and all attacks – known or unknown - at runtime.


What This Means for Our Team


Our team could not be more excited about John Chambers’ support and endorsement of the mission here at Virsec. We believe that as an industry, we can and should do better to help organizations achieve higher levels of cybersecurity protection. Cybersecurity attacks are the digital pandemic and flows alongside the biological pandemic. We need to do more to stop these threats before they cause irreparable damage.

With John’s active involvement, we intend to change the industry’s expectation with a shift toward precise and automated full protection. We want to put enterprises and governments back in control over their critical infrastructure.

We share a like-mindedness with John in that organizations relying on conventional solutions are beginning to realize it’s not enough to protect them from advanced cyber attacks happening today. Application workloads must be protected at runtime, and John is here to help us push that simple yet vital message.

With security threats continuing to rise and evolve, both John and Virsec understand the critical need for safe and secure infrastructure. Knowing that we share a passion for meeting the same goal allows us to lean on John with ease for his invaluable knowledge of the industry and strategic support of pushing our solution for scalable secure infrastructure in front of the eyes that need it most. As our CEO Dave Furneaux says, “The country needs it and the world needs it. We need to move to a place of better security.”