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Memory Protection

Industry leading technology that protects at the lowest levels


Prevents exploits at the most fundamental level

Virsec stops memory-based attacks regardless of the vector in real-time, securing application workloads at the lowest level.

  • Stops memory-based attacks MITRE categorizes as the most dangerous1
  • Blocks execution of malicious code without prior knowledge
  • Ensures control flow integrity going far beyond EPP/EDR
  • Delivers direct visibility into memory misuse to support incident response

“Memory-based attacks are happening all around us and no one seems to want to talk about it because there hasn’t been a lot of defense against them. Virsec has an extraordinary and effective solution for defending against memory-based attacks. These guys are monsters in that.”

Chief Security Architect, Schneider Electric

How It Works


Stop Memory Abuse

Patented AppMap™ technology maps the correct execution of any application down to the memory level and instantly stops deviations caused by attacks, without signatures, learning, tuning, or policy updates.


True Runtime Protection

Only Virsec stops attacks during execution, in real-time to keep your applications on track. Rather than endlessly chasing elusive perimeter threats, Virsec positively protects your critical applications from the inside.


Deterministic Process Eliminates False Positives

Virsec provides unprecedented precision, positively identifying attacks and eliminating false positives. This saves dramatic amounts of time and lets you take immediate action to stop attacks.

Virsec Out-Peforms EPP/EDR

While other tools claim memory-protection, they lack runtime visibility and only detect after-the-fact, when damage has been done. Learn how Virsec’s approach delivers unprecedented real-time protection compared to conventional security tools.

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Virtual Patching Without Source Code

Virsec eliminates the risk of vunerabilities for any and all applications without relying on patching, providing effective compensating controls while you patch at your pace.


Deeper Protection than Endpoint Security

Conventional endpoint tools can protect personal devices but is no match for advanced in-memory attacks. Virsec is engineered specifically to protect enterprise applications and workloads.


Automatic, Integrated Protection

Virsec takes automated protective steps to stop attacks in their tracks with surgically-precise actions and integrates with existing network devices to block access at the network level.

Demonstration: Virsec Memory Protection


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