Prevents exploits at the most fundamental level

Virsec stops memory-based attacks regardless of the vector in real-time, securing application workloads at the lowest level.

  • Stops memory-based attacks MITRE categorizes as the most dangerous1
  • Blocks execution of malicious code without prior knowledge
  • Ensures control flow integrity going far beyond EPP/EDR
  • Delivers direct visibility into memory misuse to support incident response
“Memory-based attacks are happening all around us and no one seems to want to talk about it because there hasn’t been a lot of defense against them. Virsec has an extraordinary and effective solution for defending against memory-based attacks. These guys are monsters in that.”

Chief Security Architect, Schneider Electric

How It Works

Virsec Out-Peforms EPP/EDR

While other tools claim memory-protection, they lack runtime visibility and only detect after-the-fact, when damage has been done. Learn how Virsec’s approach delivers unprecedented real-time protection compared to conventional security tools.

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