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Web Application Secuity

Powerful protection for your full application stack


Web Applications Run the World — It’s Time to Protect Them

Simply Better Web Attack Prevention

  • Strongest defense for unpatched vulnerabilities, OWASP risks, & MITRE Top 25

  • Continuous runtime protection across web, host, and memory layers

  • Activates in seconds without signatures, tuning, machine learning, or noise

  • Enhances network-based defenses to increase their efficacy


Network-based security tools can’t see or stop attacks that target applications during runtime.


WAFs are difficult to manage and only detect what’s been seen before.


Guessing at unknown threats leads to unmanageable floods of false positives.

Tech Giant Secures Customer Portal

Learn how Virsec protects security and data privacy for the full application stack of a web-facing customer portal for one of the industry's leading technology companies.

Case Study

Web Applications Protection —
Across the Full Stack and Full Lifecycle


Virsec delivers in-depth protection against the OWASP Top 10 and MITRE 25 Most Dangerous threats.

Full-stack security includes web apps, interpreted code, web servers, binary code, processes, libraries, files, and databases that drive back-end applications.

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • SQL injection
  • Command injections
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Path traversal
  • Carriage Return Line Feed (CRLF) injection attack
  • Java deserialization
  • File system attacks and much more

Runtime Visibility Delivers Precise Results

Virsec stops threats the first time without relying on signature or having to update rules. While other solutions provide bits and pieces of information that may indicate a threat, Virsec brings the whole picture together so you can positively stop real attacks.

Stops Vulnerabilities from Being Exploited

There will always be vulnerabilities in your code, and new ones emerge daily. Virsec closes the window of opportunity, stopping attacks on known and unknown vulnerabilities, without relying on constant patching.

Eliminates Guesswork and False Positives

Accuracy means everything in the world of application security. While other systems take a guess at what looks suspicious, Virsec monitors what atually happens during runtime to positively identify attacks while eliminating false positives. 

Real-Time Detection Leads to Immediate Action

Virsec detects real attacks within milliseconds and can take automated actions to stop attacks in their tracks - terminating specific web sessions, quarantining files, blocking connections, or integrating with existing network devices.


Ransomware Defense for Financial Services

Read the report from Aite Group on how to stop ransomware before damage is done.

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Highly-Scalable, Easy-to-Manage Security Solution

Virsec delivers precise results out-of-the-box eliminating lengthy learning, tuning, and integration processes. Virsec’s platform scales to thousands of applications centralized analysis and management system.

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