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By Use Case: Runtime Web Application Protection

Runtime Web

Rest Assured that Systems are Protected Even with Unknowns

Virsec Runtime Web Application Protection with two check marks
Stylized computer monitor running Virsec Web Application Protection

Virsec’s next-generation Web Application Protection with Virsec DPP’s Web Protection safeguards critical web applications from today’s most significant security concerns, including OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and beyond. This includes SQL injections, malignant use of Cross-site scripting and XML entities, and fileless memory-based attacks. Virsec Web Protection protects the application runtime environment from within to ensure that user-supplied inputs are always treated as input data and are never executed as code by any interpreter such as database queries, scripts, content parsers, transformers, or the operating system. 

The depth of web application visibility identifies security blind spots across the entire attack surface, providing real-time protection without relying upon prior threat knowledge or intelligence, user behavior analysis, heuristics, or statistical models. Web Protection accurately and fully protects the application where other systems don’t. It allows security practitioners to rest assured that their systems are protected, even when known and unknown (zero-day) Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) might exist.

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