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By Use Case: Full-Stack Workload Protection

Full-Stack Workload Protection

Only Virsec DPP Can Offer Full-Stack Protection at the Workload

Virsec Full-Stack Workload Protection
Stylized computer monitor running Virsec Full-Stack Protection

Full-stack protection with Virsec Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP) uniquely centers on the software stack, not the infrastructure where the application resides - interfaces, systems on the network, traffic, client devices, and external intelligence factors outside the application runtime. DPP continually observes runtime components comprising the software package on the host, in memory, and throughout the data flow for the duration of the running software processes execution, for full-stack coverage with contextual understanding. DPP precisely detects attacks without false alerts that are difficult to identify with legacy security, regardless of threat granularity, duration, or locality.

A young professional satisfied with Virsec security platform
“There are a set number of conditions or outcomes that can take place when your software runs: sometimes that’s a high number, but it is finite. That means we can always know what the software should do, or what ‘known good’ looks like. Virsec learns what your software should do and knows if your code attempts to do something outside of ‘known good.” When you can map and track your ‘known good’, you are automatically protected and can respond quickly. However, not knowing can allow attacks to persist and the business impact can increase. With Virsec, you always know.”

– David Reilly, Former Bank of America CIO, Global Banking and Markets

“Software is not creative, it does not imagine what it will do, it does exactly what the code says it should. Only Virsec can map exactly what your software should be doing and automatically stop it from doing what you did not design it to do.”

– David Reilly, Former Bank of America CIO, Global Banking and Markets

“We deployed Virsec in a few hours to fully protect our mission critical server workload, and now feel more in control of our future.”

– Dr. Andrey Zarur, CEO, Greenlight Biosciences

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Full-Stack Workload Protection