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Zero-Trust Platform for Server Workload Protection

Virsec’s groundbreaking approach delivers the highest levels of protection, with zero dwell time and low false positives. Virsec leverages security controls that embrace a modern automated “allow listing” approach — permitting only known good code (executables, libraries, and scripts) to run. All other code is explicitly denied execution — eliminating dwell time and stopping Zero-day attacks before exploitation can occur.

  • Stop known and unknown attacks
  • Protect servers, even unpatched and legacy systems
  • Reduce dwell time to zero
  • Lower false positives
  • Better performance than other security solutions

Behavior-based solutions rely on stopping the known bad but struggle with the large set of unknown executables. This “default allow” approach assumes implicit trust (the opposite of Zero Trust). Virsec’s approach adopts a “default deny” policy that only allows known good code to execute and stops everything else. That’s true Zero Trust

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