Protect Any Workload in Any Environment:

Virsec protects all the components in your application stacks including web apps, web servers, binaries, processes, files, libraries, and hosts. This eliminates the blind spots of point solutions.

  • Secures all your apps: Custom, Web, COTS, ERP, Legacy, SCADA

  • Protects at all layers: Host, Memory, Web, Processes, Files

  • Deploys in any environment: On-Prem, Hybrid, Cloud, Container, Serverless

  • Precise detection eliminates guesswork

Application Security
from the Inside

Virsec protects from the inside, understanding what apps are supposed to do, and making sure they never get derailed – regardless of external threats, vulnerabilities, ransomware, or zero-day attacks.

No more

No Attacker Dwell-Time

No more

No False Alerts

No more

No Learning, Tuning or Noise

Top-to-Bottom, End-to-End Protection

Only Virsec secures the full stack of enterprise applications across the Host, Memory and Web levels, detecting and stopping real attacks within milliseconds, at every step of the attack kill chain.

Mapping What’s Allowed – Stopping What’s Not

Virsec patented AppMap® technology automatically profiles all critical application resources, including files, scripts, binaries, and libraries. This positive security model only allows authorized processes to execute, and instantly detects and stops any deviations caused by attacks during runtime.