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Enterprise Application Protection

Complete protection for business-critical workloads

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Protect Any Workload in Any Environment:

  • Secures all your apps: Custom, Web, COTS, ERP, Legacy, SCADA
  • Protects at all layers: Host, Memory, Web, Processes, Files
  • Deploys in any environment: On-Prem, Hybrid, Cloud, Container, Serverless
  • Precise detection eliminates guesswork

Continuous Full-Stack Protection

Virsec protects all the components in your application stacks including web apps, web servers, binaries, processes, files, libraries, and hosts. This eliminates the blind spots of point solutions.

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Application Security
from the Inside

Virsec protects from the inside, understanding what apps are supposed to do, and making sure they never get derailed – regardless of external threats, vulnerabilities, ransomware, or zero-day attacks.


Attacker Dwell-Time




Learning, Tuning
or Noise

Top-to-Bottom, End-to-End Protection

Only Virsec secures the full stack of enterprise applications across the Host, Memory and Web levels, detecting and stopping real attacks within milliseconds, at every step of the attack kill chain.


Protect ALL Your Applications

Leave No Apps Behind
Secure all the apps that run your business — custom, off-the-shelf, legacy, industrial controls and more.


Secure the FULL Workload

Top to Bottom — End to End
Protect all application layers – host, memory, web, processes, and file systems.


Defend Apps on ANY Platform

Security Travels with Your Apps
Security Travels with Your Apps Protection that stays with your apps, in on any platform or hybrid environment.

Mapping What’s Allowed – Stopping What’s Not

Virsec patented AppMap® technology automatically profiles all critical application resources, including files, scripts, binaries, and libraries. This positive security model only allows authorized processes to execute, and instantly detects and stops any deviations caused by attacks during runtime.


Deterministic Approach Reduces Costs

Virsec positively identifies real attacks without prior knowledge or guesswork. With unprecedented speed and accuracy, Virsec dramatically reduces analysis and OPEX costs.


Zero-Day Detection, Instant Response

The Virsec security platform recognizes any deviation or exploits in enterprise applications, without signatures or prior knowledge and reacts immediately to stop attacks in their tracks.


Reduces Patch Urgency

Patching is important but needs to happen on your timetable. Virsec bridges the security gap between zero-day threats and the weeks to months it can take to patch applications.


Application Control & System Integrity Assurance

Virsec maps all acceptable files, processes, libraries, and memory usage, and maintains the integrity of critical workload resources.