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What is Deterministic Protection

Sabbath Ransomware Group: Using Memory-Based Attacks to Evade Detection

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Virsec Automated Protection Platform

Automate Protection at Scale

Stop cyber attacks in mere milliseconds with Virsec.


Traditional security tools are failing, leaving security teams overburdened and scrambling to remediate false alerts from the constant scan-patch-scan cycle. Virsec has redefined streamlined technology stacks and provides a protection-first automated solution for server workloads that stops attacks in milliseconds—before the attacker can inflict any damage.

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Shift left and defend against attacks earlier in the kill chain

An attack launched in 3 seconds takes an average of 6.75 days for traditional solutions to detect. This means bad actors have plenty of time to wreak havoc on your network. With Virsec, these same attacks are stopped in milliseconds so that the malware has no opportunity to execute.

Virsec’s Automation Platform provides a foundation for building and operating enterprise-wide automated security protection across roles, environments, and processes. With automation enabling the day-to-day management of tasks with minimal demand on security operations teams, team achieve higher operational efficiency.
Virsec Host Protection

Environmental Scale

Works across on-prem, hybrid, cloud/container server workloads, and Linux and Windows IT environments.
Virsec Memory Protection

Automated Protection

Stop cyber-attacks in milliseconds and orchestrates incident response tasks across the enterprise.
Virsec Web Protection

Operations Efficiency

Protects faster than malware can execute and reduces burden on Security Operations personnel, enabling action.
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Security teams face thousands of alerts daily. Streamline your technology stack with Virsec’s Automated Protection Platform.

  • Stop the scan-patch-scan cycle resulting from never-ending vulnerabilities. Reduce false positives by 90%
  • Improve your security posture by ensuring your server workloads are secure from the inside with continuous runtime protection
  • Feel confident that your systems are protected, even if they are no longer supported and can’t be patched
“For the past year, SHBC has used the protection platform by Virsec to protect more than 100 servers from ransomware, SQL injections, and other threats. When our applications begin to deviate from their intended actions, the Virsec platform immediately detects the change and provides real-time notifications so we can remove the threats. In addition to providing a critical layer of security, the protection platform also gives our servers more power and helps them run more efficiently. Based on the success of the tool, we hope to add additional servers this year.” 
Adnan Masri, IT Manager, SHBC

Demonstrably improve your security posture in just days

Ansible®  playbook deployment lets you implement Virsec in just a few days*. That means you can dramatically improve server workload protection — along with your security posture, team morale, and staff attrition — before your next reporting cycle.

*For implementation of Virsec’s solution. Total incident response functionality requires Ansible® Tower  implementation, which may take separate install time.

Week One
1-3 Days
During this phase, we’ll start with discovery to map your server workload topology and deploy our probes using pre-configured Ansible® playbooks.
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Week Two
1-3 Days
Next, we’ll enable runtime protection of your identified server workloads and do any fine-tuning.

Week Three 

Now that your server workloads are protected with Virsec and Ansible Tower®, we’ll consult with your teams to configure your incident response automation playbooks. Examples include, ticket automation, new firewall rules, and file and VM quarantine.
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Protect your server workloads inside and out

Benefits of Virsec’s Automated Protection solution.
  • Virsec maps exactly what each workload is meant to do and blocks any deviation.
  • Virsec automatically protects your server workloads from any type of threat—known or unknown—instantly.
  • Virsec is automatically deployed to servers using Red Hat® Ansible® playbooks.
  • Full-stack application protection—from legacy and on-prem to container and cloud-native.
  • Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform integrates your IT teams and the tools they use to investigate and respond to threats across the enterprise.

A month from now, you could have greater cyber resiliency, protection from zero-days and ransomware, and have a fully automated platform to help manage security threats and incidents throughout the organization.

Are you ready to make these kinds of results your reality?