Patching software is a fact of life, but the avalanche of vulnerabilities and today’s complex software stacks makes it difficult to keep up.

Many organizations fall behind in patching software, giving attackers the upper hand during the weeks, months, or years it takes to close the window on vulnerabilities. Virsec eliminates the risk posed by known or unknown vulnerabilities or undisclosed vulnerabilities being exploited during lengthy patching cycles. By mapping and monitoring actual code execution, Virsec Security Platform instantly identifies when an application is about to be targeted and stops attacks in their tracks. This eliminate the risks of vulnerabilities being used to abuse web applications, third-party code, and legacy systems.

Bridging the Security Gap Between Patches

Virsec technology secures code from the inside based on specific mapping of proper application execution. Unlike signature-based solutions, Virsec requires no prior insight into attack patterns or methods. Virsec helps organizations reduce costs and minimize risk to high-value applications and industrial control systems by ensuring an effective defense against increasingly advanced application attacks – today and tomorrow.