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Utilities & Energy Industry

Advanced security for critical infrastructure

Case Study

Digital transformation in the utility and energy sector is blurring the traditional lines between IT and OT.

This makes conventional security controls, such as firewalls, IPS, and WAF, ineffective in blocking malicious outsiders penetrating critical systems.

Virsec adds a critical layer of self-defense for critical SCADA applications that control industrial equipment. By protecting applications during runtime, Virsec can detect and stop advanced attacks within milliseconds before damage is done.


Modernize Security to Keep Up with Advanced Threats

Defends IT and OT applications including critical SCADA systems.

Stops attacks during runtime with unique in-memory protection.

Protects legacy applications regardless of their age, platform, or patch status.

Automates security with integrated Application Control and System Integrity Assurance.

Application Security
from the Inside

Virsec maps what apps are supposed to do, making sure they never get derailed – regardless of external threats, vulnerabilities, ransomware, or zero-day attacks.


Signatures Required


Tuning, Learning, or Noise


Attacker Dwell Time

Complete IT and OT Protection


Patented AppMapTechnology

Maps acceptable files, processes, inputs, memory usage, and more, instantly spotting deviations and stopping attacks

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Maintains System Integrity

Guarantees only authorized code, libraries, scripts, and processes can execute

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Protects Legacy Applications

Prevents vulnerabilities from being exploited regardless of the platform or patch status


Automated Protection Without Signature Updates

Delivers out-of-the-box protection without learning, policy updates, tuning, or noise