The common claim given by many cybersecurity providers of “runtime protection” usually means their sensors have discovered malicious activity after it has already taken place.  Only then are they taking steps to contain and remediate an exploit. 

True runtime protection should make adversary dwell time non-existent. 

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True Runtime Protection Must: 


Protect WHILE the application is running, not after the fact


Understand what normal looks like for applications and your full stack 


No impact on the performance of the applications or workloads


Comparing Conventional Security to Virsec Security Platform 

Comparing Conventional Security to VSP



In order to secure your software while it’s running, you must first understand it. Join Jim Routh, CISO veteran and industry expert, and Dave Furneaux, CEO of Virsec, to learn how.


Securing Software at Runtime

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Virsec Security Platform (VSP) Highlights:

Only Virsec creates a dynamic golden image of what software is supposed to do—and immediately stop anything that it’s not. 
VSP does this by instantly mapping the application workload when it launches, in a matter of milliseconds, and deterministically allowing only known good behavior. 
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Deterministic Threat Approach 

No matter where an application resides, VSP ensures that each application workload will only be allowed to execute as it was intended.

Does Not Require Access to Source Code or Data

VSP secures application workloads without requiring source code analysis, signatures, phoning home, or human intervention to protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities. 

Zero Dwell-Time Defense

VSP ensures precision protection from vulnerabilities, ransomware, memory-based attacks, and remote code execution exploits as they happen – without the need for threat hunting.

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No Impact on Application Performance

Virsec’s founders figured out a way via patented AppMapTM technology to lightly touch the application at execution while not affecting the production experience.​

Another Way to Look at True Runtime Protection vs. Traditional, Reactive Security Measures:

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