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Signature-Less, Next Generation Application Security

Applications are still the biggest vector through which cyber criminals attempt data breaches and cyber attacks in organizations. Typically, enterprises must choose between different security platforms to achieve OWASP Top Ten type exploit protection and next-gen endpoint security type Cyber Attack Protection. Now, there is a new option.

Read this white paper to learn how Virsec is introducing a powerful new solution for better application security protection via:

  • Unifying cyber attack and data breach protection for protection for everything from buffer errors to SQLi to XSS, etc.
  • An approach called Trusted Execution™ (TM) that produces no false positives and negligible false negatives
  • A high performance solution with microsecond real-time detection and blocking of advanced threats
  • No learning windows full of false positives on application changes
  • Signature-less technology that requires low investment and is near 100% accurate at detecting sophisticated threats