Stop Remote Code Execution Attacks
During Runtime

Protection against remote code execution (RCE) attacks during runtime is essential for effective supply chain protection. A remote code execution attack happens when an outside agent is able to exploit a network vulnerability to remotely access and manipulate a targeted system, like what happened with the disastrous SolarWinds attack. RCEs easily evade conventional end point, perimeter and threat hunting security tools and execute during runtime - often going undetected in systems for days, months, even years - leaving organizations unaware they are exposed, weak and hemorrhaging information.

Virsec provides true runtime protection by ensuring application integrity at the file level with application-aware control and file integrity monitoring. The Virsec solution is uniquely instrumented to protect organizations from sophisticated supply chain attacks that use evasive memory exploits and application runtime - without the need to isolate or unplug until patches are available.

Virsec's patented AppMap® technology maps acceptable files, processes, libraries, web input, memory usage, control flow and more. Virsec instantly detects and stops any deviations, immediately preventing attacks at the first step before damage occurs. Unlike traditional security tools that rely on prior knowledge of an attack in order to detect it, or attempting to blacklist an infinite list of malware, Virsec instead enforces "good" – ensuring that applications never get derailed, regardless of threats, vulnerabilities, or patch status - providing a finite and deterministic solution.

Ensure Supply Chain Protection

  • Maintain Integrity
    Ensure applications execute only as intended – even when compromised
  • Identify & Disarm Threats
    Distinguish malware embedded in software packages before damage is done
  • Prevent Attack Spread
    Monitor runtime and prevent exploits and lateral motion without requiring traffic rules, filters or investigation
  • Gain Deeper Visibility
    Continuous awareness and visibility across each application within memory
  • Minimize Future Risk
    Leverage controls designed to stop unknown attacks originating in 3rd-party applications and binaries

Application Security
from the Inside

Virsec protects from the inside, mapping what applications are supposed to do, and making sure they never get derailed – regardless of external threats, vulnerabilities, ransomware, zero-day or remote code execution attacks.

No more

No Attacker Dwell-Time

No more

No false alerts

No more

Learning, Tuning
or Noise

Top-to-Bottom, End-to-End Protection

Only Virsec secures the full stack of enterprise applications across the Host, Memory and Web levels, detecting and stopping real attacks within milliseconds, at every step of the attack kill chain.

Mapping What’s Allowed – Stopping What’s Not

Virsec patented AppMap® technology automatically profiles all critical application resources, including files, scripts, binaries, and libraries. This positive security model only allows authorized processes to execute, and instantly detects and stops any deviations caused by attacks during runtime.