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Learn with and from Virsec through our virtual and in-person events.

Virsec Events - Learn security

Eradicating Ransomware and Supply Chain Poisoning in the Public Sector

Kevin Jones, Vice President of Public Sector, leads the discussion alongside co-founder and CTO, Satya Gupta, to explain true runtime protection and why it's critical to get it right. 

Event Details

Today's cyber landscape is changing, adversaries are crafty and well-trained. Sophisticated, high-profile cyberattacks are now the norm--Solarwinds, PrintNightmare, and Kaseya to name a few. Evasive runtime and memory-based attacks like these have proven to be difficult to protect against with traditional endpoint solutions. Couple this with the complexity that every government organization faces with a mix of on-prem, cloud, and container software. While there has been a call for increased IT modernization in government, millions of legacy systems remain vulnerable.

Learn how Virsec can help your agency eradicate these types of cyberattacks that target runtime. Kevin Jones, Vice President of Public Sector, will lead our discussion alongside co-founder and CTO, Satya Gupta, to explain true runtime protection and why it's critical to get it right. Learn how our platform extracts a granular understanding of your software, preventing, in real-time, any attacker-provided code before it executes. You'll leave with an understanding of how Virsec Security Platform deterministically protects software, locking out the attacker before they can execute their malicious intent.

Satya Gupta Founder & CTO , Virsec

Satya Gupta is Virsec’s visionary founder, with over 25 years of expertise in embedded systems, network security and systems architecture. Satya has helped build and guide the company through key growth phases from initial funding (2015), developing core technology with key partners including Raytheon and Lockheed (2016-2018), to launching an enterprise class, GA product (2019). Prior to this, Satya built a highly profitable software design and consulting business targeting data networking, application security and industrial automation projects. He was also Director of Firmware Engineering at Narad Networks and Managing Director and Chief Engineer at Eastern Telecom and Tech Ltd.

Satya has more than 20 patents in complex firmware architecture with products deployed to hundreds of thousands of users. He holds a BS degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur and additional degrees from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Kevin Jones VP Public Sector & Corporate Development , Virsec

Kevin Jones is a visionary sales leader with proven expertise and a history of building results-oriented success for early to mid-stage growth companies. Over the course of his career, he has lead Public Sector and government strategies in increasingly senior positions with CrowdStrike, SkyHigh Networks, Symantec, and Clearwell.

Jones has tallied a series of successful exits totaling nearly $1.2 Billion (Skyhigh acquired by McAfee; Clearwell acquired by Symantec). His demonstrated talent at opening new territories while disrupting the competition made him the perfect choice to accelerate and grow Virsec's Public Sector security offering. 

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