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Effective Zero Trust Runtime Protection

The battleground for advanced attacks has moved into application workloads and is being fought in runtime.

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The battleground for advanced attacks has moved into application workloads and is being fought in runtime.

Most people think of Zero Trust in relation to access controls for users, devices, and networks. But Zero Trust at runtime goes deep into the application workloads, where the attack surface has moved. Effective Zero Trust at runtime must be application-aware, but it must also be automated, continuous, and easy to manage.

For any given application, there are a lot of moving parts – hundreds of files, thousands of processes, and millions of memory calls that define the correct execution and control flow of application code. Managing this manually is almost impossible, and it’s challenging to try to whitelist all the acceptable files.

Chasing every possible threat is an infinite problem and it’s a battle that we are losing. Instead, if we ensure that critical applications only do the right thing, and we prevent them from going off the rails during runtime, then we can fundamentally change the security equation.

Virsec has developed a unique technology that is fully automated and enforced continuously as application code executes. Any deviations from acceptable execution are detected in milliseconds, and protection rules are automatically triggered to stop attacks at the earliest stage – before any damage is done.

Robert Nobilo Regional Sales Director, Virsec

Robert Nobilo brings years of in-depth experience as a former Sales Director at Palo Alto Networks, looking after enterprise accounts in BFSI, retail, healthcare, utilities and mining. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, Nobilo spent five years at Dimension Data (now NTT) in various roles including Security Practice Manager and National Business Manager of Managed Security Services.

Ben Burt Regional Technical Sales Director, Virsec

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