Memory Attack Protection

The state of the art in hacking has moved into memory techniques that cannot be detected by traditional security products. Attacks such as return-to-libc or ROP chain attacks are not stopped by even the latest next generation endpoint product claiming “Zero-Day” detection since these attacks are file-less. Memory corruption attacks have largely been considered the realm of the “indefensible” for their stealthy and insidious profile, until now.

ARMAS™ is the first cyber security solution that detects these attacks on your high value targets at a definitive level –meaning 100% detection and no false positives. The solution uses the Application Integrity Protection (AIP) engine to ferret out memory-based attacks when they happen, in microseconds, using a deterministic approach known as Trusted Execution™.

Sophisticated File-less, In-Memory Attacks happen at Binary Level by Nation-State & Cyber Gangs

AIP Engine Benefits

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