Simply better protection for all your applications:

  • Prevents vulnerabilities from being exploited regardless of patch status
  • Stops advanced runtime and in-memory attacks
  • Does not require access to source code
  • Full protection without signatures, tuning, learning or noise

Modernize the Security of Legacy Apps

Virsec protects to any application, regardless of its age or platform. By mapping and enforcing authorized code execution, Virsec prevents exploits even if legacy apps contain vulnerabilities.

No more

No Patching Fire Drills

No more

No Source Code Required

No more

No Signatures or Learning

Guide: Zero Trust Workload Protection

Mapping What’s Allowed – Stopping What’s Not

Virsec patented AppMap® technology automatically profiles all critical application resources, including files, scripts, binaries, and libraries. This positive security model only allows authorized processes to execute, and instantly detects and stops any deviations caused by attacks during runtime.