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Host Protection

Combines application control
and system integrity assurance


Unmatched server and workload protection

Prevents evasive breaches, attacks, and threats targeting mission-critical applications without threat hunting, integrated intelligence, or false positives.


Modernizes Server Workload Defense


Stops evasive attacks and exploits at runtime no matter how threats evolve

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Prevents misuse of trusted commands, processes, scripts, and libraries

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Ensures malicious code and instructions never execute

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Limits system damage in advance of “containment”

Delivers Zero Dwell-Time Server Protection

A new approach in runtime visibility and controls that counters the evolving threat landscape earlier and accurately lower risk with zero false positives and no costly MDR service expertise.


Sandbox Inspections


Dwell Time


to Attackers

Automated Security Controls

Uncovers unauthorized or malicious workload modifications and attempts to deliver or detonate malware in real time with efficiency far beyond EDR solutions and behavioral-based tools.

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Threat Detection

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Software supply chain
threat prevention

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Process, Library & Script

Simple and Effective Host Protection

  • Greater efficiency and lower overhead
    Reduces the cycles needed to detect malicious incidents and safeguards services earlier
  • Ensures evolving threat defense
    Stops evasive or never-before-seen attacks and attempts to introduce malicious code into workflows
  • Maintains system integrity
    Guarantees only authorized code, libraries, scripts, and processes can execute
  • Delivers out-of-the box capabilities
    Scales easily, requiring no policy management, guesswork, or signature updates
  • Automated millisecond protection
    Deterministic detection delivers effectiveness far above intelligence and behavioral-based systems
Virsec dramatically reduces the costs and latency of conventional endpoint solutions

“I picked CrowdStrike to protect my endpoints and Virsec to protect my servers. Virsec proved to be more accurate, more agile and gave us faster time to value, with lower admin costs than conventional tools.”

CTO, integrated supply chain leader