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Critical Infrastructure & SCADA

Real-time protection for critical industrial applications

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Virsec delivers comprehensive cybersecurity for industrial control systems (ICS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and other mission-critical applications.

The Virsec Security Platform stops advanced attacks that bypass conventional EPP/EDR security tools and secures critical applications from the inside.

As information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) converge, sensitive control systems are increasingly vulnerable. Virsec ensures that both IT and OT applications only behave as intended and aren’t corrupted or hijacked by advanced exploits.


Securing Critical Applications for:


Application Security From the Inside


No Signatures Required – Ever

Conventional security requires constant signature updates, and disruptive patching to keep up with the latest attacks. Virsec never requires signatures to positively identify any attack, in any environment, even if it’s never been seen before.

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Automated, Integrated Protection

Virsec detects real attacks within milliseconds — but doesn’t stop there. The Virsec Security Platform deploys automated protection to stop attacks in their tracks with surgical precision without causing downtime.

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Stop Attacks Before Damage is Done

In-memory attacks are now the weapon of choice to exploit ICS/SCADA systems. Hackers can corrupt applications as they execute during runtime, while remaining undetected for days, months, and even years. They take control of operational technology, derail applications, expose sensitive data, and leave few clues behind. Virsec provides full visibility into runtime exploits, immediately detecting and stopping attacks before any damage is done.

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Benefits of ICS/SCADA Security

Increased digital transformation and connectedness of ICS systems comes with increased risk. Attacks targeting critical systems are increasingly advanced, but the security of our industrial systems is often outdated. Virsec protects across all server workloads, all platforms and all applications, ensuring they only operate as intended, regardless of age, patch level, or vulnerabilities.

Protect Against the Most Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

Defend against sophisticated attacks at the host and memory layers.

Defend Vital SCADA Systems

Stop attacks that target SCADA systems trying to derail critical systems.

Ensure Continuous Security Compliance

Comply with ISA-99, IEC-62443, NERC CIP, ISO and other evolving standards.

Embrace IIoT With Ease and Agility

Build IIoT applications faster and bolster vulnerabilities at run-time.


See Virsec in Action

Let our cybersecurity experts show you how the Virsec security platform can protect your workloads by securing your mission-critical applications from the inside.

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