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Runtime Integrity

Focuses protection inside containers, ensuring uncompromised trusted execution

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Continuous Protection

Erasing risk from all vulnerabilities and immediately stopping attacks at any point in the kill chain

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Easily Scales

Quickly enables protection for ephemeral workloads across multi-cloud environments and with flexible deployment options


Container Protection

At Virsec, we are approaching container protection differently

Legacy Applications
Zero-trust Runtime

Continuously validates libraries, code, and app workflows across running containers ensuring only intended execution--even when compromised, misconfigured or left unpatched

Cloud Workloads
Context-aware Visibility

Uses AppMap™ technology to map the composite structure of container images and its execution path, easily distinguishing malicious events and malware embedded in packages continuously

Critical Systems
Evasive Attack Prevention

Monitors runtime across file systems, binaries, processes and memory without rules, or policies and prevents attempts to misuse trusted container elements or to run malicious code

Enterprise Applications
Deterministic Workload Protection

Employing automation with deterministic, self-defending controls that enforce runtime protections to neutralize bugs, stopping abuse of  vulnerabilities without learning, modeling, investigation or services packages

True Runtime Protection

Runtime is the execution of code, running of processes, and activity within memory as applications are running. Achieving runtime protection requires visibility and control  across the full software stack of the running container otherwise protection is based on a best guess.

  • Intrinsic visibility and protection for all runtime elements across running containers regardless of the life cycle duration
  • Deterministic approach for app control and integrity assurance of protecting runtime in real-time
  • Realtime detection and response that stop deviations, known or unknown vulnerabilities, and insider threats, with precision and no false positives

Shift Container Protection Left

Optimize workload scanning and compliance efforts in development (DevSecOpsensuring comprehensive testing to uncover vulnerabilities at depth and streamline patching efforts before deployment and address concerns even in production

Ensure protection where containers are most vulnerable

  • Scan images for vulnerabilities, malware, & configuration issues
  • Allow only trusted image components
  • Continuously check registry images for vulnerabilities
  • Harden workloads, whitelist production capabilities and maintain full stack control
  • Block all malicious host & container execution activities however it originates
  • Maintain immutability of containers continuously

How are you implementing container security?

Virsec Security Platform (VSP) unifies controls, broadens attack coverage, and reduces dependency on these solutions & support they require.


Comparison of common solution used for host server, and  application workload protection in the multi-cloud, container  and datacenter environments



Ready to stop attacks bypassing traditional container security approaches?