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Mark Houska

VP North America Sales

What has the greatest ability to impact lives? The answer is education, and I incorporate learning and mentoring into my personal and professional lives.

Growing up, I had a mentor of my own: my mother. In the 1980s, Mom owned a small technology company. Her work ethic, how she built her brand identity, and the way she channeled her ambition inspired me. Honoring her early involvement in technology, I am a proud supporter of the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWT).

Professionally, I educate myself on all aspects of a client and partner business so that we can discover new opportunities together. Diving into their business objectives, I demonstrate how technology can achieve immediate results, improve and grow business, and solve both technical and organizational challenges.

One of the more gratifying aspects of my job is participating in a best-practice sharing and mentorship program for employees. Identifying, developing, and managing upcoming sales talent prepares the next generation of company leaders. Learning from achievements and mistakes can provide constructive learning opportunities to help us succeed moving forward.

I’ve also volunteered in several high schools across the greater Detroit metropolitan area for many years. Integrating technology into the school curriculum enhances the quality of education for these kids and improves their chances of success in the future.

Whether working with clients, team members, or students, I realize that we all have something to learn and to teach.